Silicone rubber is becoming more widely used in consumer, medical, and industrial products. This unique material is a favorite across industries due to its skin-contact safety, durability, softness, and flexibility. 

What is Food Grade Silicone?

Food grade silicone is a kind of inorganic polymer colloidal material formed by the condensation of silicic acid, which is a kind of environmental protection silica gel.

Why Use Food Grade Silicone?

While comparing to rubber and other materials, food grade silicone rubber offers many advantages depending on daily use. Advantages can include: 

  • Durability
  • Heat and Cold resistance
  • Bacterial and Chemical resistance

Here we mention some of its characteristics:

  • Food grade materials are very resistant to damage and degradation from extreme temperatures.
  • Manufactures without petroleum-based chemicals.
  • Food grade silicone rubber is safe and easy to store food, put in the microwave, freezer, oven, and dishwasher.
  • Made from an abundant natural resource, lightweight, and easy to carry and transport.
  • Non-toxic material and odorless that contains no BPA, latex, or phthalates
  • Food grade silicone is considered non-hazardous waste, and it may get recycled at selected locations.

Food-Grade Silicone Rubber Vs. Medical-Grade Silicone Rubber

In contrast, medical-grade silicone rubbers are the most used synthetic rubber of all synthetic elastomers in permanently implanted sub-dermal products. Medical-grade silicone, which is verified for biocompatibility, is a popular material for various items.

Here we mention some of its applications and applicable products of Betely:

  • Catheter Products
Solution Applications Applicable Products Main Advantages
Laryngeal Mask Laryngeal Mask BQ-6550A/B Good Fluidity/Easy Demolding
Throat Pipe 2260A/B


Good Bending Stability/High Transparency/ Smooth Surface
Urinary Catheter Cavity Head BQ-6560A/B Good Fluidity/Easy Demolding/ High Transparency
Catheter SH-2260A/B


High Transparency/Smooth Surface
Saccule SH-K630 Good Resilience/ Easy Demolding
Infusion Pump Tube Infusion Pump Tube SH-3258A/B Flow Stability/Wear Resistance


  • Molded and Injection Products


Solution Applications Applicable Products Main Advantages
Negative Pressure Ball Negative Pressure Ball BQ-6560A/B Good Fluidity/Easy Demolding/ High Transparency
Marking ink Marking ink Low temperature type HSL-T7XX

High temperature type: HSL-XXXX

Pass EN71-3, REACH (161), ISO 10993 biocompatibility, EU RoHS2.0 test and meet the 5th and 10th applicable parts of GB/T 16886 Medical Device Biological Evaluation (equivalent to the applicable part of ISO10993).

Strong Dimensionality/ Excellent Adhesion/ Good Ductility/ Chemical resistance/ Weather resistance



Betely is a leading chemical materials company. Both food grade silicone and medical grade silicone rubbers of Betely are made under acceptable quality control measures to meet the current regulations like FDA, BFR, and EU.