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How Does Platinum Catalyst for Silicone Rubber Work?


Silicone rubber is widely used in the coating and electronic industry for various purposes, such as adhesives, molding rubbers, and sealants. The platinum catalyst for silicone rubber ensures high-temperature resistance and thermal transfer usage. Therefore, silicone rubbers are used in heat-generating applications as well. In some cases, food-grade silicone is also made for different food products and utensils. As such, the need for a platinum catalyst for silicone rubber is on the rise. Types of Silicone Rubber There are four main types of silicone rubbers with different types of platinum catalyst reaction: HTV HTV or High-Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone Rubber is also called Heat Cured [...]

How Does Platinum Catalyst for Silicone Rubber Work?2021-12-17T16:58:35+08:00

The Ultimate Guide to Chemical Coating and Ink


Have you ever wondered how important is chemical coating and ink in the chemical industry? Chemical coating and ink play an imperative role in protecting your components. Betely manufactures the highest quality chemical coating and ink.   Based upon our sophisticated experience in the chemical industry, hereby, we will introduce you to the types of chemical coating and ink, including its reaction process, applications, and advantages. Different Types of Chemical Coating and Ink Our chemical coating and ink include types of silicone, plastic, and fluororubber. Beneath them, the subdivisions of chemical coating and ink include:   For Silicone Silicone rubber coating and ink [...]

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Points to Know Silicone Paint on Silicone Products


Silicon paint is a mixture of oil-based paint and silicone, where silicone makes the paint more flexible. Silicon paint comprises silicone powder (a flexible substance), silicone resin (polymeric inorganic compound), silicone oil, etc.   A range of various silicone paint colors is used for coating or decoration of a surface. Silicone paint is a masonry paint with excellent performance that can be used over existing silicone-based render or mineral base render. It is waterproof, extremely breathable, and pollutant-resistant. These properties of silicone paint explore its perfection for use at home in a humid environment. What is Silicone Paint Used For? Betely’s silicon [...]

Points to Know Silicone Paint on Silicone Products2021-12-17T16:31:37+08:00

What is Conductive Silver Paste and its Significance?


Conductive silver paste is highly conductive by nature. Despite the fact that it is largely used in the industrial sector, now it is also utilized in research and manufacturing of different applications as well. An electrically conductive glue is created by mixing eco-friendly chemical mixture, which results in the creation of this ground-breaking paste. It's most often utilized to create a conductive surface from an insulative one, as opposed to the other way around. Composition of Conductive Silver Paste Here we will introduce the composition of conductive silver paste and some other considered factors: The primary component of conductive silver paste is metallic [...]

What is Conductive Silver Paste and its Significance?2021-12-17T16:25:34+08:00

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