Beginners Guide to Silicone Rubber


What is Medical Grade Silicone Rubber For Catheter?

Medical Grade Silicone Rubber For Catheter is mainly used in the medical device industry, all kinds of catheter products, such as a urinary catheter, drainage tube, and throat tube. Because this kind of silicone rubber catheter is easy to deform and has tensile property, a nonelastic guidewire is often embedded in the catheter to ensure that the catheter will not deform longitudinally, which is more suitable for operation, safety, and stability. However, the material of the catheter itself has not changed, which will not affect the handle and pulling performance of the catheter. Medical silicone rubber catheter has passed the certification of biocompatibility, to ensure the safety and health of human medical work, and has little reaction to human tissues and organs.


What are the characteristics of silicone rubber for medical grade catheter?

Medical silicone rubber catheter has the characteristics of good biocompatibility, strong pull-up, aging resistance and so on. The components are different between solid rubber and liquid rubber. Medical catheter solid rubber is a kind of translucent silicone rubber, which has the advantages of smooth surface, good anti yellowing performance and stable pipe size, and is mainly used in medical catheters, tracheas, etc.; medical catheter liquid rubber is a kind of two-component, high transparent addition liquid silicone rubber, which has superior mechanical properties, and is especially suitable for high-strength medical silicone products, such as breathing masks, breathing apparatus, etc Throat, etc.


What are the processing characteristics of silicone rubber for medical grade catheter?

The medical silicone catheter has good tensile property, and it is easy to cause the tube body to be bent. Therefore, in practical application, it often has deformation and other problems. In this case, we generally have two methods to solve the bending of the tube body:

One is to increase the hardness of the silicone rubber tube and reduce the tensile property by changing the formula of silicone rubber, but it is also easy to cause the tube to become brittle and break;

The second is to add a thin guide wire when the catheter is in use, and the embedded guide wire in the silicone rubber catheter makes perfect use of the flexibility of the silicone rubber tube. The guide wire does not deform when it is pulled, but also maintains the stiffness of the tube body.


What is the composition of silicone rubber for medical grade catheter?

Medical silica gel is a widely used silicone rubber material. It belongs to synthetic rubber. It has a variety of forms: liquid silicone oil, foam silica gel, sponge and elastic solid glue. However, there are two kinds of medical silicone catheter commonly used: solid glue and liquid glue. Solid glue can be divided into extrusion type and other types. Extrusion type is mainly used to make pipe products with higher hardness. Other types are similar to addition liquid glue, which are used in all kinds of soft hose, medical mask, laryngeal mask, etc Linchuan is widely used in medical treatment. But no matter what kind of shape, medical grade silicone rubber catheter has good biocompatibility, no irritation to human body, no toxicity, no allergic reaction, etc.



What are the advantages of silicone rubber for medical grade menstrual cups?

Silicone rubber for medical grade menstrual cups has the following advantages:

  1. Easy operation and low replacement frequency. When it’s not convenient to replace sanitary napkins and tampons outside, or when you can’t buy related supplies for a while, the silicone rubber menstrual cup perfectly solves this problem. It doesn’t need to be replaced frequently, and it’s convenient to carry.
  2. Environmental protection and long service life. Silicone rubber menstrual cup can be used repeatedly, and because of the particularity of silicone rubber material, it can be used for three to five years under the condition of good preservation.
  3. Better comfort, compared with other menstrual products, such as sanitary napkins and tampons, silicone menstrual cup is more stable and reliable, less prone to side leakage and other accidents.
  4. Prevention of gynecological diseases. Because the silicone rubber menstrual cup is placed in the body, the menstrual blood flows directly into the cup, and it will not make secondary contact outside, keeping the outside dry and clean, and the silicone rubber material makes the menstrual cup placed in the body will not affect and affect the vagina or uterus and other human tissues.


Silicone rubber manufacturing process for medical grade menstrual cup?

Medical grade menstrual cup mainly refers to the menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone rubber, which is made of medical-grade silicone rubber with biocompatibility certification. There is a foldable menstrual cup, which includes the main body of the menstrual cup. The main body of the menstrual cup is made of silicon rubber with soft and elastic characteristics. The upper end of the menstrual cup is open and the lower end is closed in a funnel shape. The cup mouth of the cup body is also provided with a fixed top. Under the reinforced top, there is a cone-shaped cylinder wall, and a cone-shaped cylinder wall The walls are staggered and the joints are smooth. There is also a columnar operating handle below, the upper part is connected with the conical wall, and the outer part of the operating handle is provided with a ring-shaped protrusion.


How long can silicone rubber for medical grade menstrual cup last?

After the menstrual cup is put into the vagina of the human body, the longest time can reach 12 hours, but if the menstrual blood volume is relatively large, it is recommended to take it out for cleaning, disinfection, and replacement in about 5 or 6 hours. At the end of the menstrual period, it is recommended to soak it in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes, then dry it and store it in a ventilated place. Especially, it should be avoided to put it in a sealed environment such as a plastic bag. In the case of proper preservation, a medical-grade silicone rubber menstrual cup can be used for 5 to 10 years. With the extension of use time, the menstrual cup may be damaged due to use or cleaning Due to certain discoloration or odor, boiling water can be used to judge. If there is an odor, the menstrual cup needs to be replaced.



What is LSR material?

The liquid Silicone Rubber material is a special liquid silica gel, which is different from other silica gel materials that need to be used with adhesive (primer). Self-adhesive liquid silica gel can adhere to specific materials, such as glass materials, PC materials, metal materials, etc., and can adhere to the substrate directly in the molding process. Compared with other silicone rubber products that need to be matched with primer, self-adhesive liquid silica gel can save artificial physics, reduce production processes and improve production efficiency, thus making the product more competitive in the market and more price space. Due to the special self-adhesive properties of self-adhesive liquid silica gel, it is especially suitable for the production of some components with complex structure, which are coated with silica gel, and need to be bonded locally or by injection.


What does Lsr silicone for glass do?

Glass liquid Silicone Rubber adhesive is a kind of two-component, translucent self-adhesive addition liquid silicone rubber, which has adhesive property to glass devices and demolding property to metal mold. It is a kind of silicone rubber material, not a kind of glue, so it has adhesiveness and can be firmly bonded with the glass substrate. Some glass products, such as milk bottles, need an integrated molding process, and for the requirements of health and environmental protection, using liquid self-adhesive which has passed the national safety inspection and certification as the bottle body can effectively reduce the process flow and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, And ensure the safety and environmental protection of the product, can effectively achieve the effect of anti-skid, anti-fall, and high-temperature resistance, not easy to deformation.



Features of Trade Mark Silicone Rubber material?

Trade Mark Silicone Rubber material can be made into a variety of logo patterns, can be used in all kinds of knitwear, cotton products, Pu fiber cloth, etc., can also be used in the automotive industry control devices, decorative model lights, etc., especially the more complex shape and high-density model products, as well as various kinds of clothing, hats, shoes, bags and other accessories or edge decoration. Silicone rubber trademark has a stable size, good demoulding performance, strong adhesion with cloth, strong flexibility, tear-resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, good biocompatibility, environmental protection, and green, soft and delicate feel. Because it is made of silica gel, the logo can be printed on both sides, color can be a variety of options, strong weather resistance, not easy to change color, can also be made into a separate handicraft.


Silicone rubber data sheet

Properties BQ-1054A/B
Un vulcanized Appearance Semitransparent
Viscosity(mPa.s) A:60000-80000


Vulcanized Density(g/cm3) 1.06-1.09
Hardness Shore A 43-47
Tensile strength(MPa.s) ≥4
Elongation ≥250
Tear strength ≥15
Processing suitability Molding



What is food Silicone Rubber?

Food Silicone Rubber is a kind of inorganic polymer colloidal material formed by the condensation of silicic acid, which is a kind of environmental protection silica gel. It is mainly used in food-related appliances and has the difference between solid glue and liquid glue. Solid food silica gel is a kind of translucent silicone rubber, which uses platinum-rhodium complex as curing agent, and is suitable for the processing and production of food-grade molded products; liquid food silica gel is a kind of two-component, translucent addition liquid silicone rubber, which has superior mechanical properties, especially suitable for food silicone rubber products. Food grade silicone rubber material is non-toxic and tasteless, with high transparency, good softness, long service life, cold and high-temperature resistance. It is widely used in all kinds of food-related machinery products, such as kettle, bread maker, disinfection cabinet, water dispenser, etc.


Is food grade silicone rubber safe?

Food grade silicone rubber is a kind of inorganic polymer colloidal material made of silicic acid. Its main component is SiO2 · nH2O, and its content is more than 98%. Its chemical properties are stable, non-toxic and tasteless, completely hygienic, cold-resistant, and high temperature resistant. In addition, it has the advantages of easy cleaning, strong comfort, and long service life. Food grade silicone rubber material itself has passed ROHS, FDA, LFGB, and other tests. It is safe enough and will not have side effects on the human body, so it is widely used in the food appliance industry. Solid food-grade silicone rubber is mainly used in various food appliances, such as spatula, electric cooker, backing plate, etc., while liquid food-grade silicone rubber is mainly used in baby pacifiers, bottles, and kitchen supply Accessories, diving masks, and other water sports goods.


Advantages of food grade silicone

  1. Simple: no need to add curing agent again;
  2. Low temperature: 120-140 ℃;
  3. Environmental protection: no bad smell and toxic gas;
  4. High efficiency: compared with high-temperature adhesive, the production efficiency is increased by more than 30%;
  5. Certification: it has passed the tests of German LFGB, French olive oil, and biocompatibility test.

Food grade silicone rubber is non-toxic, odorless, high transparency; and the material is soft, elastic, not easy to crack, long service life, stable chemical properties, high tear strength, and excellent electrical properties.



What material is silicone gel?

Silicone is a silica hydrate, also known as silica gel, mainly used as a desiccant.


What’s the difference between silicone and silicone gel?

  1. The meaning is different

Colloidal particles or polymers in sol or solution interconnect Bai under certain conditions, forming a space network structure. The structure gap is filled with liquid as a dispersion medium (in dry gel, it can also be gas, dry gel, also known as aerogel), so a special dispersion system is called gel.

Silica gel is a highly active adsorbent material, which belongs to amorphous material. Silica gel is mainly composed of silica, which is stable in chemical properties and non combustible.

  1. Different characteristics

Silica gel has good biocompatibility, no irritation, non toxicity, no allergic reaction to human tissues, and little body rejection reaction; it has good physical and chemical properties, and can maintain its original elasticity and softness in contact with body fluids and tissues without degradation, so it is a fairly stable inert substance. It can withstand high temperature and can be disinfected. It is easy to process and carve, and easy to use.

The dry elastic gel is placed in the appropriate solvent and automatically absorbs the liquid and expands. This process is called swelling or swelling. Brittle gel has no such properties. Swelling plays an important role in physiological process. The younger the organism is, the stronger the swelling capacity is. With the aging of the organism, the swelling capacity decreases.


What is the function of silicone gel?

The use of silica gel has the characteristics of strong adsorption, rapid and effective adsorption of moisture in sealed packaging, stable chemical properties, non-toxic and harmless; in addition to the continuous innovation and development in recent years, a variety of silica gel has been widely used in drug purification, DNA separation, food drying, high-precision electronics, high-grade cosmetics, sewage purification, beer purification, high-grade coatings, and resin production or preservation. In our daily life and production and business activities, silica gel is often used in the following aspects:

1. Dry and mold-proof packaging for precision optical instruments and electronic appliances;

2. Leather drying, such as placed in leather, leather bags, leather shoes, play a role in drying and quality;

3. Food drying, more common in biscuits and fried food, to ensure food crispness;

4. In terms of medicine drying, it should be put in the medicine bottle to ensure the prolonged storage period of the medicine;

5. Container drying: the containers transported in different latitudes will form “internal rain”. If you use silica gel desiccant, it can absorb water equivalent to its own weight, which can effectively reduce the dew point and control the condensation phenomenon of containers in the process of ocean transportation for up to 50 days.

6. Hotel articles, such as placed in the wardrobe, shoes and under the bed, absorb all kinds of odor, keep the air dry and fresh.


What is beer silica gel?

Beer silica gel is a kind of solid powder with amorphous microporous structure. Its pore size is 8-16nm and its chemical formula is msio2 · nH2O. It is insoluble in water and any solvent. It does not react with any acid, alkali, or salt except caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid. It is non-toxic, tasteless, noncombustible, and nonexplosive. It has strong thermal and cold stability and is harmless to the human body. It is mainly used in the beer industry.


What is the function of beer silica gel?

  1. Beer silica gel has a large specific surface area and numerous suitable microporous structures, which may adsorb the protein causing beer turbidity in a few minutes and remove it by filtration. The beer storage period can be extended by 180-240 days to prevent beer from cold turbidity.
  2. It does not affect beer foam and taste. The physicochemical properties of beer silica gel decide that it has no effect on beer foam and taste. The practice has also proved that beer silica gel is the safest beer stabilizer recognized in the world beer industry.
  3. Improve the effect of filter aid. Beer silica gel has stable chemical properties and no beer soluble matter. Its surface area and microporous structure are much better than diatomite. It is a good filter aid. Auxiliary diatomite filtration can make beer brighter and clearer.


Form and state:

Blue silica gel can be divided into blue gel indicator, color-changing silica gel, and blue gel. The appearance is blue or light blue glassy particles. According to the shape of particles, it can be divided into spherical and massive. It has the function of silica gel absorbing moisture. With the increase of moisture absorption, its color changes from blue to purple, and finally to light red. It not only indicates the humidity of the environment but also visually shows whether it still has a moisture-proof function.