Computer and Peripheral

As personal computers come and go faster, applied materials face higher technical requirements.
BTL has been pursuing advanced studies in the field of new materials for electronic products for many years, and has been constantly innovating to provide professional and perfect solutions to problems such as shell decoration protection, screen display packaging, keyboard coloring, etc., or internal components bonding, conductive application, waterproof and heat dissipation.

Touch screen display module Light curing, heat curing organic silicon liquid optical adhesive
Ultrafine laser cut type silver paste
Fine line printed silver paste
Laser etched silver paste
Other display components Brightening film UV (front/back) adhesive
Self – repairing UV coating solution
Anti-fingerprint UV hardening solution
Bonding agent
Display backlight UV rubber DAMS
Chassis UV transfer glue
Shell paint
Self-adhesive liquid glue
Anti-explosion film UV transfer adhesive
UV applying
Bluetooth keyboard and stereo Light curing adhesive
Waterproof glue
Quick-drying halogen-free conductive silver paste
Halogen-free low temperature conductive silver paste
Keyboard decoration paint
Computer peripheral materials PC self-adhesive liquid glue
Antistatic feel oil
Food grade liquid silicone rubber
Flame retardant silicone rubber cable

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