Automotive radar potting sealant solution
Automotive radar sensors belong to a class of high grade precision sensors. They work in very harsh environments and need to meet the requirements of waterproof, seismic and high temperature resistance. The automotive radar potting sealant produced by BTL is a two-component and formed liquid potting silicone rubber, which has the characteristics of fast curing speed, equal artware flow, good adhesion to PC and nylon material, and shows excellent weather resistance in practical application.

Project Parameter
Viscosity(mPa·S) A:6000-7000 B:5000-6000 A+B:5000-6000
Operational time(23℃) >40min
Complete curing time 1day/23℃ 30min/60℃
Appearance A:black liquid B:colorless liquid
Shrinkage(@23℃) <0.02%
Coefficient of thermal conductivity(W/mK) 0.25
Shore hardness 20-22A
Dielectric strength(kV/mm) >16
Volume resistivity(ohm-cm) 7.0×1014
Surface resistivity(Ω) >1016
Vitrification transition temperature(℃) -55
Expansion coefficient 60ppm/K,<-60℃ 215ppm/K,-60℃
Tensile strength(N/mm2) 7.8
Elongation at break(%) >100
Dielectric constant@50Hz 3.8

Application: encapsulation of electronics, electrical appliances, instruments and meters, with moisture-proof, shock-proof, insulation and sealing functions.

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