Heat curing silicone optical adhesive BTL-5123AB

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Heat curing silicone optical adhesive BTL-5123AB

BTY-5123AB is a two-component addition heat cured liquid silica gel, which is soft gel like after curing. It has excellent yellowing resistance, UV aging resistance and low shrinkage. After curing, it has good initial viscosity and excellent adhesion to the substrate. It is mainly used for full bonding of touch screen, LCD, etc.

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Project BTY-5123AB
appearance Transparent
Mixing ratio (A: b) 1:1
Mixed viscosity (MPa. S) 1000
Refractive index 1.407
Density (g / cm3) 0.97
Operating time (min, 25 ℃) >25min
Penetration (1 / 10mm) 160-200
Curing conditions 60℃/30min
G + G adhesion MPa >0.3
Light transmittance (400nm) 99%
Volume shrinkage (%) <0.1
Thermal shock, – 40 ~ 85 ℃, 1000h No crack, shrinkage mark and bubble
High temperature and humidity,

85% RH, 85 ℃, 1000h

No crack, shrinkage mark and bubble

1、 Surface treatment

All sizing interfaces must be cleaned. During use and storage, it must be ensured that there are no catalyst toxic substances such as phosphorus (P), sulfur (s), nitrogen (n), organic tin (SN), water, polyurethane and so on, so as to avoid curing hindrance and deterioration.

2、 Mix

The component A is a crosslinking agent B contains catalyst. The catalyst can make gel containing crosslinking agent gel. Therefore, when using scraper and other operation tools, we must avoid mixing with this component.

3、 Solidify

The curing time of liquid silicone rubber is closely related to curing temperature and colloid thickness.The conventional mixing ratio of a / B is 1:1. The proportion deviation has a certain impact on the colloidal hardness. Increasing group A will improve the hardness of the cured product.

  1. Before bonding, it is necessary to test the matching of glue with LCM and TP;
  2. After the bonding is good and cured according to the normal process, it needs to be placed at 25 ℃ for 7 days before environmental testing.

A: 5kg / barrel;B: 5kg / barrel

A: 15kg / barrel;B: 15kg / barrel

A: 180kg / barrel;B: 180kg / barrel


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