High conductivity printing SF-8600

///High conductivity printing SF-8600

High conductivity printing SF-8600

It is made of silver powder, resin, additives and solvents with excellent conductivity. It has excellent adhesion on ink layer, glass, ceramic, metal, PET, PC, PI and other substrates.


It is specially designed to meet the conditions of screen printing. It has the characteristics of good conductivity, wide substrate versatility, strong adhesion, good solderability, and good ring test reliability.

Typical applications: 5G terminal antennas, vibrator antennas, and non-thermal sensitive substrates that require high conductivity on the surface

Model No. SF-8600
Solid content(wt%) 83±2
Viscosity(25℃, mpa.s)
Firing process
80℃/60min (Oven)
OR ≥135℃/30min (Oven)
80℃/30min (IR )
OR ≥135℃/15min (IR)
R(ρ/d) <8mΩ/□/25.4μm
Adhesion(3M 600 tape test)
Hardness( pencil test) ≥2H
(Test at 5%NaCl, 40±5℃,PH:6.5-7.2)
(Test at Hot water,80℃/30min)
Screen type: polyester screen or stainless steel
screen Mesh: 300~420 mesh
Latex thickness: 8-10μm
Screen tension: 23-28N
Scraper hardness: 75-85
Cleaning agent: ethyl acetate, butyl acetate/isophorone
1. Under normal circumstances, the slurry can be stored in a sealed room at room temperature. Storage temperature is about 20±5℃
2. The temperature must be equilibrated at 20℃~25℃ before taking it out in the refrigerated state, and the equilibration time is ≥12h.
3. Keep the silver paste packaging tank in a sealed state during the balance process. After returning to room temperature, open the can and use it.
4. The paste should be fully stirred evenly before printing, and the screen should be clean and dry.
5. It is recommended that the ambient temperature be controlled at 20~25℃, and the humidity should be ≤60%.
6. There is no need to add diluent before using the newly opened slurry, and it can be printed on the machine after it is fully stirred.
7. After the slurry has been used and recycled for a long time, a thinner can be appropriately added to adjust the viscosity and fluidity (recommended addition amount is 1-3%).
8. When printing, it is recommended to add paste successively to ensure the stability of paste viscosity.
9. The unused silver paste cannot be stored in the open after recovery, and must be sealed for storage.



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