Silicone soft touch coating for keypads

Silicone soft touch coating for keypads

Silicone soft touch coating is made from special silicone oil, silicone resin and powder. It adopts advanced technology to be a two or multi components protective coating with smooth and section sensitivity


Smooth and fine hand feeling

Satin and neat surface appearance

Excellent adhesion(no fading after scraping), no splits after folding

Excellent RCA resistance,rubber resistance and alcohol resistance. 

Silicone soft touch coating has wide application with good applicability. It is suitable for all silicone keypads, such as home appliance controllers, cellphone keypads, and other silicone keypads. The soft touch coating has excellent RCA resistance, smooth soft touch and it can improve the life time of the silicone keypads


Temperature Time
High temperature(180℃-220℃) 10-20 min
Middle low temperature(120℃-150℃) 20-30 min

Good applicability models: SL-0523-2/ SL-0543-2


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