Liquid intrusion is the second leading cause of damage after broken screens, and the global waterproof war of electronic products has given rise to the booming development of liquid self-adhesive silicone. The liquid self-adhesive silicone rubber produced by Beitley truly realizes the free coating agent, greatly reduces the process time and cost, and the perfect product system should deal with the adhesion of different substrates, providing the most solid backing for the waterproof function of electronic products.

BETELY Self-adhesive Liquid Glue

BETELY Self-adhesive ProcessPrecipitated silicone ProcessGeneral LSR Process
Injection moldingExtruding/moldingInjection molding
Self-adhesive silicone bonds with substrateSilicone bonds with substrateSilicone bonds with substrate

BETELY self-adhesive advantages of liquid glue
1. It has the characteristics of demoulding, easy dyeing, quick curing and good adhesion to different substrates.
2. It has broken foreign technical barriers, and is in the forefront of domestic counterparts, with advantages in cost and quality.

Comparison of Waterproofing Products

TypePrimer+General LSRPrimer +HSRBETELY Self-adhesive 
Quality1. Many rough edges;
2. Base coating agent can easily lead to yellowing of adhesive;
1.Less burrs;
2. Not easy to yellow;
 Cost1. Many technological processes and high labor cost;
2. The molding temperature i
s high, the bottom coating
needs baking, and the energy consumption is the greatest.
1. Many technological processes and high labor cost;
2. The base coating needs baking, which consumes 
a lot of energy.
1. Simple technological process and low labor cost;
2. Save the cost of primer and baking energy.
The production efficiency is very lowHigh production efficiency: because the colloidal mixing, manual weighing, manual cutting and other procedures are eliminated.The production efficiency is more than 20 times that of “base coating agent + ordinary liquid glue” :(take the mobile phone case covered by silicone as an example).
Technological RequirementsIt is difficult to produce some
products with complicated
technology, especially the soft and hard material embedded and the silica gel enveloping and forming.
Although it can produce some products with complicated process, especially the soft and hard material embedded and the silica gel
enveloped and formed; But it is difficult to
produce the products with high requirements for yellowing and great difficulty for base coating.
Be able to produce more demanding products.
Environmental ImpactThe base coating agent is usually solvent-based,
which affects the working environment of the production workshop.
Does not affect the working environment, is conducive to the physical and mental health of workers and work attitude.

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