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Bar Code Label Protective Ink

The ink is a UV curing type transparent ink. It has low requirement on the carbon tape. It has function of protection, beautify and decoration of cured label.

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Category: Silicone Coating and Ink
  • Product Features Of Bar Code Label Protective Ink

    • Good adhesion

    • High hardness

    • High-temperature resistance

    • No-yellowing

    • Good friction resistance

    • High transparency

    • Good scratch resistance

    • Dust-free

    • Smooth glossy surface

    • Fruity texture

    • It is easy to be processed, fast curing

  • Performance Parameters Of Bar Code Lable Protective Ink

    High temperature resistance(180~200℃, pressure 50kg)200℃×60min, no issue
    RCAThe substrate is not exposed after 300 times
    Alcohol resistance/

  • Use Direction Of Bar Code Label Protective Ink

    • PET white fil→Carbon printing→UV protective gloss ink;

    • Many processes: Rotary roll coating, screen printing 300-420 mesh, anilox roll coating, mechanical spraying

  • Application Field Of Bar Code Label Protective Ink

    The UV curing wheel label protective ink is specially used for bar code label carbon tape printing protection, mainly for high-end demand vulcanized labels.

    ink for silicone rubber

    Bar code label protective ink

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