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CSGW-Y4750 Manual

CSGW-Y4750 is a polymethylsiloxane containing phenyl groups, which is a component of dimethyl polysiloxane The introduction of phenyl groups in the sub chain provides better high-temperature resistance and resistance compared to dimethyl polysiloxane Radiation performance, lubrication performance, and solubility performance.

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Category: Phenyl Silicone
  • Applications Of CSGW-Y4750 Manual

    • As a lubricant, applied to bearings and instrument lubricating oil;

    • As a thermal oil, it is applied in transformers, capacitors, and various electronic devices as a thermal oil.

  • Features Of CSGW-Y4750 Manual

    • High refractive index

    • Excellent thermal stability performance

    • Excellent compression performance

    • Excellent heat transfer performance

    • High flash point

    • Wide temperature range for use, available for open systems -40~230 ℃, and for closed systems -40~315 ℃

  • Physical and Chemical Properties

    Appearance: Transparent or light yellow liquid

    Odor: tasteless

    Density g/cm3(25 ℃): 1.06

    Viscosity mPa.s (25 ℃): 4500-5500

    Volatile matter (150 ℃/3h,%): < 0.2

    Refractive index (25 ℃): 1.4950~1.5050

    Flash point, ℃: > 300

  • Performance Parameters Of CSGW-Y4750 Manual

    Packing25kg, 200kg and other specific specifications
    Storage conditionsSealed and stored in a dark, dry and ventilated place
    Shelf life36 months
    Safety dataSee MSDS for details

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