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Cis-Dichlorobis (Diethylsulfide) Platinum (II)

This Catalyst is a high-activity, high-catalytic platinum catalyst. The platinum catalyst for silicone rubber is widely used in addition to curing cross-linking reactions between Si-Vi and Si-H. The reaction can be catalyzed effectively and has no side reaction, especially for the silicone potting material.

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Category: Platinum Catalyst
  • The Product Specification Of CIS-Dichlorobis (Diethylsulfide) Platinum (II)

    ItemOther namesCAS.NoAppearanceConcentrationBoiling point(℃)Melting point(℃)
    cis-Dichlorobis (diethylsulfide) platinum (II)cis-Bis (diethyl sulfide)platinum (II) chloride; cis-Dichlorobis (diethyl sulfide) platinum(II)239-454-1Yellow powder, crystals99%94.4ºC at 760 mmHg108

  • Application Of CIS-Dichlorobis (Diethylsulfide) Platinum (II)

    platinum catalyst      platinum catalyst price

    Electronic Industrial                                            Textile Industrial

    platinum catalyst is present in                      platinum catalyst reaction

            Coating Industrial                                                      Silicone Industrial

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