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Nano RFID SF-1255

It is a Slow-drying conductive paste, which is made of high-performance resin and silver powder with excellent conductivity. With low resistance, it can be widely used in conductive products such as blood glucose meter test paper, membrane switches, and flexible circuits.

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Category: Low Temperature Conductive Paste
  • Product Features Of Nano RFID SF-1255

    • Good adhesion to various substrates:PET, PI, and plastic film,

    • Good excellent printability and oxidation resistance.

  • Perforamnce Parameters Of Nano RFID SF-1255

    Model No.SF-1255
    Viscosity (25℃, mpa.s)


    Solid content (wt%)≥50%
    Firing process
    Tunnel oven (130~150) ℃×30min
    R (ρ/d)<15mΩ/□/25.4μm
    Adhesion (3M 600 tape test)
    No drop-off
    Hardness (pencil test)≥2H
    Bending test

    (2kg weight is pressed forward and backward for 1 minute, and then pressed flat for 30 seconds)

    ≥5 times

  • Using Manual Of Nano RFID SF-1255

    1. Since the silver in the product will settle after being placed for a period of time, please stir well before each use, and the screen should be clean and dry;

    2. It is recommended to control the ambient temperature at 18~22℃ and humidity ≤60% during use;

    3. The viscosity of conductive silver paste has been adjusted, do not add diluent when starting to use;

    4. Use the silver paste within 24 hours after opening. The unused silver paste must not be left open, and the inner and outer covers must be covered and stored in a sealed manner;

    5. Recycled silver paste must be stored and used separately from normal silver paste, and cannot be mixed. To adjust the viscosity of the recycled silver paste, a special thinner XSJ-533B is required, and the addition amount does not exceed 3% of the total mass of the silver paste. In the long-term printing process of silver paste, if the viscosity of the paste increases, the thinner XSJ-533B can be added appropriately, and the addition amount should not exceed 3% of the total mass of the silver paste;

    6. When the silver paste is taken out of the refrigerated state for use, please place the refrigerated silver paste at the operating temperature (generally 20°C~25°C), and allow it to balance the temperature. The balance time is ≥12h. Pay special attention to: Do not open the lid of the silver paste packaging during the balancing process, and keep the silver paste packaging tank in a sealed state. After the temperature is balanced, please open the lid and stir evenly. It is recommended to use a stirrer to stir for 2 hours before use;

    7. PET must go through strict drying, dust removal and static removal treatment before printing;

    8. Do not touch the PET film and silver wire with bare hands during operation;

    9. The working environment should not contain corrosive gases such as sulfide and chloride;

    10. Operators must wear masks, hats, gloves, etc., and do not use labor protection products containing sulfide;

    11. If it touches the skin, it should be washed with water and soap in time.

  • Package Of Nano RFID SF-1255

    nano rfid sf 1255 supplier

    1kg/bottle, 2kg/bottle, 15kg/bottle

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