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Hydroxytrimethylsilane CAS No.: 1066-40-6

It is a good monomer for the synthesis of polymers.

It can be used as coatings and silicone rubber.

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Category: Other Coupling Agent Materials
  • Performance Parameters Of Hydroxytrimethylsilane CAS.1066-40-6

    Molecular weight90.1964
    Density (25 ℃) g / cm30.8144
    Flashpoint (closed cup method)4℃
    Water Solubility0.995g/L
    AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
    Tetramethyldisilazane content≥95%


  • Product Certificate Of Hydroxytrimethylsilane CAS.1066-40-6

    Hydroxytrimethylsilane CAS.1066-40-6 Test Report

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