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Plastic Soft Touch Coating

The plastic soft-touch coating is a two-component halogen-free coating. It is mainly made from hydroxyl soft polyester, additive, solvent, etc. It is suitable for surface decoration of ABS, TPU products.

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Category: Silicone Coating and Ink
  • Product Features Of Plastic Soft Touch Coating

    • Good appearance and soft touch. It has a soft touch feeling and a matt leather effect

    • It has good aridity for bulk production, and film thickness

    • Excellent mar resistance/ friction resistance, drug resistance and light resistance

  • Applied Process Of Plastic Soft Touch Coating

    plastic soft touch coating

    1. Stir well after the container is opened.

    2. Keep a good environment before spraying. Non-dust treated workplace at a temperature of 20 to 30℃, humidity at 60 to

    80% is suggested to avoid the dust effect on the product’s surface and static safety hazards. Flame or discharged

    silicone piece should be used out in 30 minutes, or re-flame or discharge needed.

    1. The film will increase the loading pressure of the elastic wall. And the elongation of the silicone rubber will decrease

    with the increase of the film thickness. Please consider the process and spray thickness if you are worried about the


    Silicone soft touch coating has a soft touch and excellent mar resistance. Its excellent coating property and process makes it widely apply to Automobile instruments, interior door handrails, Bluetooth stereo, 3C electronic product case, buttons, etc.

    soft touch plastic paintsoft touch finish plastic

  • Product Certificate Of Plastic Soft Touch Coating

    product certificate of plastic soft touch coating

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