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Solid Silicone Rubber For Catheter Cavity

SH-22XX series is a two-component, transparent silicone rubber. It is vulcanized by platinum rhodium complex and suitable for food, medical grade extrusion products processing.

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Category: Medical Grade Silicone Rubber
  • Properties of Solid Silicone Rubber for Catheter Cavity

    • Simple operation

    • No additional vulcanizing reagent needed

    • Fast vulcanizing, high efficiency

    • Odorless and tasteless

    • Stable dimension

    • Good transparency

    • RoHS, FDA, LFGB, and ISO10993 biocompatibility passed

  • Application of Solid Silicone Rubber for Catheter Cavity

    Various types of medical-grade extrusion silicone rubber tubing

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  • The Product Parameters of Solid Silicone Rubber for Catheter Cavity

    Density (g/cm3)1.13±0.021.15±0.021.17±0.021.19±0.02
    Hardness Shore A40506070
    Tensile strength (MPa)≥7.0≥7.0≥7.0≥7.0
    Elongation (%)≥550≥450≥350≥250
    Tear strength (kN/m)≥25≥25≥25≥30
    Linear shrinkage %2.1±0.22.1±0.22.1±0.022.1±0.02

  • Product Certificate of Solid Silicone Rubber for Catheter Cavity




    Biocompatibility (Skin Sensitization Test, Skin Irritation Test, Cytotoxicity Test)

    ln vitro cytotoxicity test of silicone rubber skin sensitization test of silicone rubber  ln vitro hemolytic properties test of silicone rubber

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