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Primer for Silicone BTL-907ABC

The material is a three-component high performance polyurethane primer. It is surface treatment agent for silicone. So it is suitable for surface treatment of silicone products. It achieves good adhesion between treated silicone products and UV, epoxy potting glue, UV glue.

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Category: Primer for Silicone
  • Use Direction Of Product Manual for BTL-907ABC

    • Clean up impurities of silicone surface, flame treatment. 

    • Fully mix the primer with mix ratio of A:B:C=10:1:16 

    • Filter with 300 mesh cloths, spray the primer or manual handling it 

    • Bake at 150℃ for 60 minutes, then you can go further

  • The Handling Precautions Of Product Manual for BTL-907ABC

    • Fully mix three components after opening, remained primer of agent A should be cleaned by agent C and then mix together

    • Please use with pointed thinner

    • Keep good processing environment for spray or coating. Non-dust treatment suggested. Temperature must be controlled at 20~30℃, humidity≤60%-80%. Too much dust will increase the quantity of defective products. Lower temperature will make bad leveling, decrease the adhesion. And too much humidity will cause coating porosity, on the contrary, there will be static trouble

    • The silicone products should be sprayed with primer in 30 minutes after flame treatment or electro discharge treatment. Or you have to do the treatment again.

  • Safety Precautions Of Product Manual for BTL-907ABC

    • Wear personal protect equipment to avoid burning while processing. Do not eat and use naked flame, keep suitable environmental temperature, reduce static 

    • Handle with care, details refer to MSDS. In addition, please follow safety regulation of country or local government

  • Other Illustrate Of Product Manual for BTL-907ABC

    Package: 1kg per can, 5kg per barrel


    1. Sealed store at cool, dry, ventilated place

    2. Temperature 15 to 35℃, humidity≤85%; Water proof, leakage proof, sun and high temperature protection. And stay far away from fire source

    Shelf life: 6 months from production date

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