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Vinyl Endblocked Phenyl Copolymer

Vinyl Endblocked Phenyl Copolymer is a polysiloxane with a silicon-oxygen chain as the main chain, a difunctional structure containing methylphenyl groups in the chain, and an active vinyl group at the end of the chain . It can be used as a raw material for addition silicone rubber, silicone potting glue and silicone gel; it can be mixed with cross-linking agent, reinforcing agent, anti-aging agent, etc. to prepare high-temperature vulcanized silicone

rubber raw rubber.

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Category: Phenyl Silicone
  • Physical Properties and Technical Indicators of Vinyl Endblocked Phenyl Copolymer

    ModelStickiness,mm2/sRefractive IndexVinyl Content (Mass Fraction, %)

    projectPerformance and metrics
    ExteriorLiquid without lumps or impurities
    colorColorless and transparent
    Viscosity ( mPa.s ) 25℃9500-11000
    refractive index1.4300-1.4500
    Vinyl (%)0.14-0.17
    Volatile matter (%) 150℃, 3h≤ 0.7

    Model: CSGW-Y4820Inspection date:2023/06/28
    Batch number: 12230612088Batch weight(kg):500g
    Content of test
    Serial numberTest itemsInspection StandardsReference to national or international standardsTest results
    1AppearanceNo impurities and no lumps, transparent liquid-No impurities and no lumps, colorless transparent liquid
    3Viscosity mpa.s1800-2200mpa.sGB/T102471870 mpa.s
    4Refractive index (25℃)1.5400-1.5500GB/T6141.545
    5Volatile matter (150℃/3h, weighing 5g)≤0.70%GB/T 17250.65%
    6Vinyl content0.90-1.10%ASTM D921.07%
    7OdorlessNo irritating odor compared to standard samplesHGT4065No irritating odor compared to standard sample
    Final Inspection Result:Pass

  • Storage Conditions of Vinyl Endblocked Phenyl Copolymer

    Put into clean and dry containers and store in a ventilated and dry warehouse. This product is shipped as non-dangerous goods. Shelf life: 2 years

  • Packaging Specifications of Vinyl Endblocked Phenyl Copolymer

    50kg, 100kg plastic drum or 190kg iron drum.

  • Precautions of Vinyl Endblocked Phenyl Copolymer

    Pay attention to wearing labor protection when applying the product, avoid inhalation during use, and do not eat. Use this product with care, before and after use.

    Please pay attention to safety precautions when using it. In addition, you should also follow the safety statement stipulated by the relevant national or local government: The information provided in this product manual is completely based on the knowledge we have gained in the laboratory and practice. We strive to be accurate and believe that it has a high level of reference value. However, since the use of products is usually beyond our control, we only guarantee the quality of the product itself. This information does not substitute for customer testing to ensure that our products are safe, effective, and fully satisfactory for their intended end use. We are not liable for any indirect or incidental damages and reserve the right to modify this manual without prior notice. (Refer to the corresponding MSDS for detailed safety instructions).

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