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Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil

CSGW-Y45XX is a phenyl-containing polysiloxane, which is introduced the Phenyl group in the molecular chain of dimethyl polysiloxane. Thus It has better high-temperature resistance and radiation resistance than dimethyl poly siloxane properties, lubricating properties and dissolving properties than polydimethylsiloxane.

Product model: CSGW-Y45XX

English name: Phenyl methyl silicone oil

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Category: Phenyl Silicone Oil
  • Application Of Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil

    • As a lubricant, it is used in bearing and instrument lubricating oil;

    • As heat transfer oil, it is used as heat transfer oil in transformers, capacitors and various electronic equipment;

    • As an oil-out medium, it is used in self-penetrating silicone rubber.

  • Advantages Of Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil

    • High refractive index

    • Excellent thermal stability

    • Excellent compression performance

    • Excellent heat transfer performance

    • High flash point

    • Wide operating temperature range, the usable temperature range of open system is -40~230℃, and the usable temperature range of a closed system is -40~315℃

  • Technical Parameters Of Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil

    AppearanceTransparent or pale yellow liquid

    Density g/cm3 (25℃)

    Viscosity mm2/s (25℃)

    Volatile (250℃/4h,%)2

    refractive index (25℃)1.4900~1.50001.4900~1.50001.4900~1.50001.4900~1.50001.4980-1.5050
    Flashpoint ℃>300>300>300>300>300

  • Packing, Storage Conditions And Shelf Life Of Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil


    25kg, 200kg, and another specific packaging.

    Storage conditions

    Sealed and stored in a dark, dry, and ventilated place

    Shelf life

    36 months

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