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Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

Hydrogen silicone oil easily crosslinking reactive as a result of a certain amount of reactive silicone bonded hydrogen contained; it can be a crosslinking agent for additional liquid silicone rubbers under the catalytic of Pt. Also, hydrophobic film on the surface of various substances can be formed at a lower temperature under the reactive of metal salt and catalyst. Hydrogen silicone oil is with properties of temperature resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation and physiological inertia, and different viscosity products can be produced by adjusting hydrogen content.

Hydrogen silicone oil and vinyl silicone oil can be cured with the use of a platinum catalyst

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Category: Hydrogen Silicone Oil
  • Performance Parameters Of Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

    1. Viscosity(CST) can be customized upon request

    2. Hydrogen content(wt%) can be customized upon request

    Hydrogen-sided series (CAS:68037-59-2)

    It is a methyl-terminated and randomly distributed hydrogen-sided functional silicone oil

    Product  nameViscosity (CST)Molecular weightDensity g/cm3Hydrogen content (wt%)Index refractive

    Hydrogen-terminated silicone oil series (CAS: 70900-21-9)

    Chain extended series hydrogen-terminated silicone oil can expand vinyl chain in the process of cross-linking reaction to improve extension,ect. The importance is that it is easy to adjust the formula which makes simple processing of the products.

    Product  nameViscosity (CST)Molecular weightDensity g/cm3Hydrogen content (wt%)Index refractive

    Hydrogen terminated and sided series (CAS: 69013-23-6)

    Hydrogen terminated and sided can improve crosslinking density

    Product  nameViscosity (cst)Molecular weightDensity g/cm3Hydrogen content (wt%)Index refractive

  • Application Field Of Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

    1. This China silicone fluid is antifouling, anti-oil, and water-proof treating agent for ceramics

    2. Important intermediate compounds to various modified silicone oil and silicone rubbers

    3. Waterproof agent and softening agent for natural and synthetic leather fabric and silk

    4. Waterproof agent and anti-tack agent for papers

    5. Waterproof agent and softening agent for fiberglass

    6. Hydrophobic agent, lubricant, corrosion preventive, and anti-tack agent in cosmetics

  • Product Package Of Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

    200kg/barrel, or according to the client's request.

  • Storage Of Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

    In a sealed container, the product should be stored in a dry, ventilated, dark place at room temperature.

    Shelf Life 12 months from production date in a sealed package.

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