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Silicone Materials for New Energy Automobile

Silicone Materials for New Energy Automobile

The central control screen fully fits the solution The central control screen fully fits the solution
Interior paint solutions Interior paint solutions
Automotive radar potting sealant solution Automotive radar potting sealant solution

The central control screen fully fits the solution

The car central control screen fitting, which needs to deal with the high requirements of large screen size, environmental weather resistance, display imaging clarity, etc., has been transferred from the traditional “frame stick” process to the “full fit” process.The organic silicon liquid optical adhesive produced by BTL is a kind of water adhesive specially designed for the full-fitting of automobile central control large screen. Compared with the “frame-paste technology”, it achieves better air tightness, ultra-thin appearance design and excellent screen display effect, while compared with the “acrylic all-adhesive water adhesive”, it perfectly solves various problems such as poor reliability, poor screen side fixation, MURA phenomenon and water splash phenomenon, making it the best choice for the central control screen fitting of automobiles at present.

Comparison of All Fitting Techniques
Comparison of All Fitting Techniques
  • Traditional box stick

    Laminating materiaal:
    Double-sided adhesive tape
    Display effect: normal
    Screen cleanliness: Easy to absorb dust and moisture

  • traditional box stick
  • All joint

    Laminating material: LOCA
    Display effect: excellent
    Screen cleanliness: Completely insulated from dust and moisture

BTL Silicone Liquid Optical Adhesive Advantage
  • The performance fully meets the high requirements of central control fitting. At the same time supporting light curing and heat curing two mature products.

  • It is suitable for filling gaps and irregular surfaces, and should fit various on-board screens.

  • In the pre-curing stage can perform repair, high yield, suitable for automatic production, supporting the provision of equipment and process integration services.

Interior paint solutions

The rapid development of the automobile industry has promoted the economic prosperity of the whole world.
The proliferation of cars has also created an excessive waste of energy and resources, hence the creation of interior plastics.
Over the years, BTL has been a leader in the paint and ink industry, with a wealth of experience and technology. We have developed a comprehensive range of products in the field of automotive coatings, offering different possibilities for automotive interiors in terms of appearance and function.

Product Series
  • Paint for automobile plastic parts
  • PP coating
  • Special material paint
  • High performance electroplating coating
  • Electroplated car paint
  • Piano black car paint
  • High weather car varnish
Interior paint solutions

Automotive radar potting sealant solution

Automotive radar sensors belong to a class of high grade precision sensors. They work in very harsh environments and need to meet the requirements of waterproof, seismic and high temperature resistance. The automotive radar potting sealant produced by BTL is a two-component and formed liquid potting silicone rubber, which has the characteristics of fast curing speed, equal artware flow, good adhesion to PC and nylon material, and shows excellent weather resistance in practical application.

Viscosity (mPa·S)A: 6000-7000 B: 5000-6000 A+B: 5000-6000
Operational time (23℃)>40min
Complete curing time1day/23℃ 30min/60℃
AppearanceA: black liquid B: colorless liquid
Shrinkage (@23℃)<0.02%
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/mK)0.25
Shore hardness20-22A
Dielectric strength (kV/mm)>16
Volume resistivity (ohm-cm)7.0×1014
Surface resistivity (Ω)>1016
Vitrification transition temperature (℃)-55
Expansion coefficient60ppm/K, <-60℃ 215ppm/K, -60℃
Tensile strength (N/mm2)7.8
Elongation at break (%)>100
Dielectric constant@50Hz3.8

Application: encapsulation of electronics, electrical appliances, instruments and meters, with moisture-proof, shock-proof, insulation and sealing functions.

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