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Silicone/Rubber PU Protective Coating

The model material has the advantage of good adhesion, smooth and good hand feeling, excellent wear resistance, good weather resistance, excellent chemical resistance and wide application.

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Category: Silicone Coating and Ink
  • Application Field Of Silicone /Rubber PU Protective Coating

    1. Silicone rubber buttons for remote controls, mobile phones, POS terminals, and other electronic products.

    2. Charging roller and developing roller in the toner cartridge.

    3. Rubber parts for floors, carpets, or various kinds of transportation equipment.

    4. Other silica gel or rubber products with spraying coating requirements.

    pu rubber material

  • Product Features Of Silicone /Rubber PU Protective Coating

    According to the different application scenarios, there are different types of coatings, such as weatherproof, wear-resistant, alcohol-resistant, hand-feeling, highlighting, antistatic, and so on, to meet the needs of the substrate to be sprayed. At the same time, the products with different curing conditions can adapt to the different temperature resistance of various base materials.

    TypeCuring conditionsWeather resistance typeWear resistantAlcohol resistant typeTouch typeHighlight typeAntistatic type
    Low-temperature type80-120℃/60min
    High-temperature type150℃/60min
    Rapid vulcanization type180-200℃/60min

  • Product Certificate Of Silicone /Rubber PU Protective Coating

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