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Silicone Paint

Silicone paint is made from special silicone oil, silicone resin and powder, etc. materials. It is a two-component coating that is suitable for the surface decoration of silicone products to achieve different surface colors. It is a high-quality ink that achieves excellent surface printing pattern requests of customers.

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Category: Silicone Coating and Ink
  • Product Features Of Silicone Paint

    • Strong adhesion

    • Strong coverage on the substrate

    • Good painting appearance and leveling property

    • Strong covering power

    • Excellent weather and chemical resistance

    • Highly optimized for general use

    Testing itemTesting condition and methodResult
    AdhesionThe case method, Rubber 3M610#3 times5B
    Hot and humid80℃/98%RHNo error in 48h
    Salt spray resistance5%NaCl, Temperature of spray box 35℃; Salt intake 1ml/hNo error in 72h
    Alcohol resistance99.3% alcohol, US75215 rubber, positive pressure 500g, Stroke16mm,  Back and forth at speed of 68 /minNo error after back and forth 500 times /20μm
    Rubber frictionPositive pressure 500g, US75215 rubber, Stroke 16mm, Back and forth at speed of 68/minNo error after back and forth 400 times/20μm
    Cold and thermal shock resistance(80℃×1hr ~—40℃×1hr),transform in 15sNo error after 27 cycles
    Boiling washing fastness100℃ boiling waterNo error after 2h
    Heavy metals and halogenTest according to domestic and international standardMeet

  • Application Field Of Silicone Paint

    Betely’s silicone paint has strong versatility and is suitable for all silicone substrates formed by 0-80℃, such as keypads of phones, telephones, laptops, fax machines, copying machines, home appliance remote control, etc. Also, it is suitable for silicone products, such as sound cases, phone covers, silicone parts, seal kits, tubes, bottles, tableware, etc.  It has a function that covers the defective items on the surface of the substrates and changes the purpose of the substrates as well as decorates the surface.

                      paint for siliconpaint for silicone

  • Process Condition Of Silicone Paint

    The temperatureTime
    High temperature (180-220℃)10min
    Medium-low temperature (90-100℃)30-60min

  • Representative Products Of Silicone Paint

    1.General series: HLD-7353-10BK/ HLD-2808-6W


    2.Updated series: HLD-45905BK(Strong coverage black)

    HLD-46069BK(High voltage shock resistance black)

    HSL-47XXX XX

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