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Plastic Paint For ABS/PC/ABS+PC Automatic Parts

Plastic paint series are made from acrylic resin and fillers, additives, solvent, etc. materials. It is suitable for surface decoration of automotive interior and exterior components.

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Category: Silicone Coating and Ink
  • Product Features Of Plastic Paint For ABS/PC/ABS+PC Automatic Parts

    • Excellent weather resistance 

    • Water-proof, humidity-resistant, heat-resistant, etc.

    • Good chemical resistance, good friction and scratch properties.

    • Easy to laser and process

    • Good adhesion with high gloss varnish

  • Application Field Of Plastic Paint For ABS/PC/ABS+PC Automatic Parts

    There are one component and two components of plastic coating. But two components are for the oversea market since the long transportation. The two components of plastic paint are applied to automatic interior parts decoration, such as ABS/PC/ABS+PC, etc substrates. The base layer decoration as automatic parts is the bumper,  panel, keypads, and air conditioner vent.

    rtv coating

  • Process Condition Of Plastic Paint For ABS/PC/ABS+PC Automatic Parts

    1. Clear the impurities on the material.

    2. The Ink should be mixed well before use. Mix the Painting: Curing agent: Thinner with the proportion ratio of 100:6:150; Then filter it with 300 mesh filter cloth, and do spray manually or by machine.

    Viscosity (Iwata 2 # cup, 25 ℃)8.5-9S
    The vulcanization condition(drying  condition)The vulcanization condition:80℃/30-40min
    Film, μm8-10um

    Note: Above-mentioned data is just for one of the models, for your reference only. For any details please contact us back. Thanks.

  • Product Certificate Of Plastic Paint For ABS/PC/ABS+PC Automatic Parts

    product certificate of plastic paintproduct certificate of plastic paint of betelybetely product certificate of plastic paint

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