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Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber

The material is a two-component, semi transparent self-adhesive addition liquid silicone rubber for injection or molding process. Organic plastic parts can be adhered on it, but metal mould will be demoulded from it. It is easy to dye and has good adhesive with PC, PET, TPU based plastics. It has the advantages of fast vulcanizing, excellent mechanical performance, especially suitable for producing high strength silicone rubber and plastic containing compound materials.

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Category: Self-adhesive LSR
  • Applications of Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber

    It is suitable for one step forming products contain liquid silicone rubber, PC which used in cell phone and other electronics.

  • Use Direction of Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber

    • Mix ratio: component A: component B is 100 parts :1 parts.

    • Component A and B are mixed according to weight ratio of 1:1 by auto mixer, then the mixed rubber material is injected into mold until fully filled. Also can be manually mixed and poured into mold for molding.

    • Suggested curing conditions: 120℃/180-240s (for product thickness of 2mm).

    • The press molding condition can be adjusted according to the dimension of product.

  • Performance Evaluation of Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber

    Test StandardsPC/PET/PBT

    Material/ModelUnitTest StandardsPA6/PA66/PPA
    Viscosity A/BPa·sGB/T102471500/35002000/61001000/28002500/72002780/10000
    Curing condition T10/T90130℃/sGB/T123322/5525/6933/7026/8023/60
    Tensile strengthMpaGB/T5286.57.07.588

    Material/ModelUnitTest StandardsPA6/PA66 add 0-20%GF
    Viscosity A/BPa·sGB/T102472000/61001000/28002500/72002780/10000
    Curing condition T10/T90130℃/sGB/T123325/6933/7026/8023/60
    Tensile strengthMpaGB/T5286.647.37.57.8
    Before use, please do surface treatment of metal molds (Teflon) to avoid sticking molds.

    Material/ModelUnitTest StandardsMetal/stainless steel
    Viscosity A/BPa·sGB/T102472600/51002700/61003500/7000
    Curing condition T10/T90130℃/sGB/T123330/6835/7027/65
    Tensile strengthMpaGB/T5286.67.37.5
    Before use, please do surface treatment of metal molds (Teflon) to avoid sticking molds.

    Material/ModelUnitTest StandardsGlass
    Viscosity A/BPa·sGB/T102471500/43002000/35004000/8000
    Curing condition T10/T90130℃/sGB/T123330/7535/8030/75
    Tensile strengthMpaGB/T5286.757.67.2
    Before use, please do surface treatment of metal molds (Teflon) to avoid sticking molds.

  • Storage of Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber

    • Stored in cool, dry and ventilated place.

    • Environmental temperature below 37℃.

  • Shelf Life of Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber

    3 months from production date and overdue one can be used after qualified.

  • Package of Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber

    20KG/ barrel, 200KG/ barrel.

  • Handling Precautions of Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber

    • To avoid processing issue caused by partial agglomeration from mixing of A and B. Please do not mix tools for agent A and agent B, or use clean tools.

    • The fully mixed A/B is allowed to stand for 3days with no property change if stored under condition of temperature below 25C.

    • In order to not cause vulcanizing issue, please avoid contacting with N, S, P, Sn containing compounds while handling.

    • The best ratio of A:B is 1:1. Wrong ratio will cause property issues to the final products.

    • To avoid affecting the viscosity strength, you’d better clean the plastic material as PC, ect which need to compound by alcohol before processing.

    • The viscosity of formed products will be better when post cure it at temperature of 100℃ for more than 60 minutes.

  • Safety Precautions of Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber

    • Wear personal protect equipment to avoid burning while processing. Do not eat.

    • Handle with care, details refer to MSDS. In addition, please follow safety regulation of country or local government.

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