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PU Coating

PU coating is applied to the surface of silicone rubber and rubber such as NBR, EPDM, etc. Silicone paint is made from special silicone oil, silicone resin and powder, etc. It is a polyurethane system coating that has excellent decoration, protection and other special functions on the substrate. 

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Category: Silicone Coating and Ink
  • Product Features Of PU Coating

    • Wide ranges according to the applications. There are weather resistance, friction resistance, alcohol resistance, soft touch type, high gloss type, anti-static type, etc PU coating meets different requirements.

    • It is suitable for substrates that have different curing condition requests

    • It is adapted to substrates with different temperature resistance

  • Application Field Of PU Coating

    It is applied to silicone keypads of electronics such as remote control, phone, and POS machine.  Charging roller and developing roller of the printer; Rubber floor, carpet, or all kinds of rubber parts of transportation facilities; Other silicone or rubber products which have spray coating requests.

                     pu rubber coatingpu coating paint

  • Performance Parameters Of PU Coating

    TypeCuring conditionWeather resistanceFriction resistanceAlcohol resistanceSoft touch typeHigh gloss typeAnti-static type
    Low temperature80-120℃/60min
    High temperature150℃/60min
    Fast curing180-200℃/10min×

  • Use Direction Of PU Coating

    Clean up impurities in the silicone products and do flame and discharge treatment. PU inks must be fully mixed, then
    filtered by 200/300 mesh filtering cloth, spray the inks by hand or machine.

    Process propertiesValue
    Spray viscosity (Iwata cup
    2#, 25℃) 
    Spray distance (cm), Calibre 
    (mm), PRESSURE (Mpa)
    20-25, 0.8/1.0, 0.3-0.4
    Force drying (150℃)Min 60-90min
    Standard film thickness μm20±3

    Different types of PU coating has different force drying condition. Please ask the sales for the right condition.

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