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Silicone Rubber

Company History

Betely History

  • In 2000

    BETELY was founded in Tianhe district, Guangzhou, it is located in Guangzhou institute of
    synthetic materials (old chemical institute),The registered capital is 300,000 yuan and the number of employees is 6.

  • In 2003

    Dongguan BTL 1 phase of production base was constructed in Dabu Road Mayong Town, Dongguan, 

    and the number of employees add to 28, launch UV coating, UV adhesive, plastic in and others product.

  • In 2005

    Guangdong Private Science And Technology Enterprises.
    Dongguan BETELY established

  • In 2008

    National high-tech enterprise .
    Wuxi Jingrui Photoelectric New Materials Co.,Ltd establised.

  • In 2009

    Suzhou BETELY operation and production.
    SONY GP and Dongguan Patent Cultivation Enterprise of Dongguan BETELY

  • In 2011

    Dongguan BETELY in Zhangpeng village built and put into production
    Safety Production License

  • In 2013

    Guangdong Clean Production Enterprise.

  • In 2017

    Jiangxi BETELY established.
    Suzhou BETELY National Safety Production Level 2 Corporation
    AAA Credit Corporation For Dongguan BETELY

  • In 2018

    Suzhou BETELY registered capital successfully increased to 188 millions
    Suzhou BETELY recognized as Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center

  • In 2019

    BETELY group established and BETELY prepared to be listed

  • In 2020

    Jiangxi BETELY starts production

Company Certificate

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