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CSGW-Y4524 Manual

CSGW-Y4524 is a polymethylsiloxane containing diphenyl, and its structural characteristic is the number of chain links Short, high in phenyl content, with good thermal oxidation and thermal cracking stability. Can be used for diffusion pump oil, Obtain high vacuum.

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Category: Phenyl Silicone
  • Applications Of CSGW-Y4524 Manual

    • Diffusion pump oil

  • Features Of CSGW-Y4524 Manual

    • High refractive index

    • Excellent thermal stability performance

    • Excellent compression performance

    • Excellent heat transfer performance

    • High flash point

    • Wide temperature range for use, available for open systems -35~200 ℃, and for closed systems -35~250 ℃

  • Physical and Chemical Properties

    Appearance: Transparent or light yellow liquid

    Odor: tasteless

    Density g/cm3 (25 ℃): 1.07

    Viscosity mm2/s (25 ℃): 33-4

    Refractive index (25 ℃): 1.5500~1.5600

    Flash point, ℃: > 210

  • Performance Parameters Of CSGW-Y4524 Manual

    Packing25kg, 200kg and other specific specifications
    Storage conditionsSealed and stored in a dark, dry and ventilated place
    Shelf life36 months
    Safety dataSee MSDS for details

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