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Vinyl-terminated Silicone Fluid

Vinyl polymer is Vinyl terminated polysiloxane, the vinyl content will change with different viscosity. In order to realize different hardness, it can be used as a basic polymer or filler. The polymer is cured by hydrogen-containing silicone oil vulcanization and platinum catalyst.

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Category: Vinyl Silicone Oil
  • Performance Parameters Of Vinyl-Terminated Silicone Fluid

    1. Viscosity (cst) can be customized upon customer request

    2. Vinyl content (moles/gm) can be customized upon customer request

    Product nameVinyl contentViscosity
    CSGW-Y10050.80 moles/gm50 CST
    BQ-Q79230.37 moles/gm100 CST
    BQ-Q79240.22 moles/gm250 CST
    CSGW-Y10510.15 moles/gm500 CST
    CSGW-Y10100.11 moles/gm1000 CST
    BQ-Q79270.08 moles/gm2000 CST

    Product nameVinyl contentViscosity
    BQ-Q79280.06 moles/gm5000 CST
    BQ-Q79290.05 moles/gm10000 CST
    BQ-Q79300.04 moles/gm20000 CST
    BQ-Q79590.03 moles/gm65000 CST
    BQ-Q79330.02 moles/gm100000 CST
    BQ-Q79350.008 moles/gm300000 CST

  • Application Field Of Vinyl-Terminated Silicone Fluid

    1. The main raw material for additional types of liquid silicone rubber, silicone encapsulants, silica gel, etc.

    2. Modifier for mixed refined wholesale liquid silicone rubber; additive for plastics.

    3. This China silicone fluid reacts with organic materials such as acrylic acid and polyurethane to form new materials with even better properties, like coating materials, etc. The advantages of new materials include temperature resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, strength tenacity, etc.

  • Product Package Of Vinyl-Terminated Silicone Fluid

    25L plastic drum or 210L closed coated iron drum

  • Storage Of Vinyl-Terminated Silicone Fluid

    In a sealed container, the product from BLT, one of the leading vinyl silicone oil manufacturers, should be stored in a dry, ventilated, dark place at room temperature.

    Shelf Life 12 months from the production date in a sealed package.

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