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Hydroxyl Silicone Oil 40 CST to 20,000,000 CST

Hydroxyl-terminated is a series of functional polymers with different viscosities and different Terminal hydroxyl.

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Category: Hydroxyl Silicone Oil
  • Performance Parameters Of Hydroxyl Silicone Oil 40 CST to 20,000,000 CST

    F-004Low viscosity, 3.5%hydroxyl, 40cst
    F-007Low viscosity, 1.25%hydroxyl, 70cst
    F-050Hydroxyl-terminated 500cst
    F-075Hydroxyl-terminated 750cst
    F-1.5Hydroxyl-terminated 1,500cst
    F-3Hydroxyl-terminated 3,000cst
    F-6Hydroxyl-terminated 6,000cst
    F-10Hydroxyl-terminated 10,000cst
    F-20Hydroxyl-terminated 20,000cst
    F-50Hydroxyl-terminated 50,000cst
    F-80Hydroxyl-terminated 80,000cst
    F-300Hydroxyl-terminated 300,000cst
    F-10MHydroxyl-terminated 10,000,000cst
    F-20MHydroxyl-terminated 20,000,000cst

  • Application Field Of Hydroxyl Silicone Oil 40 CST to 20,000,000 CST

    1. Structure controlling agent for silicone rubber.

    2. Finishing agent for fabric, improve smoothness and sewing properties of the polyester thread obviously and finish polyester fiber fabric

    3. It can be an anti-sticking treatment agent for high-grade papers

    4. It can be used as the surface treatment of the filler and the high-temperature resistance additive,

    5. It can be used in rtv silicone formula

    6. It can be used as a reactive dilution to adjust the viscosity of the overall formulation.

    7. The ultra-high viscosity hydroxyl silicone oil are as below

    8. It can be used as a textile auxiliary to improve the film-forming and hand feeling

    9. It can be used as a plastic processing auxiliary for improving plastic properties as processing efficiency, discoloration and scratch resistance

    10. the series hydroxy silicone oil can do a condensation reaction with the crosslinking agent (such as alcohol silane, silane and acid silane). And tin the catalyst can speed up the reaction.

  • Product Package Of Hydroxyl Silicone Oil 40 CST to 20,000,000 CST

    1. 25 kg/ plastic drum, 200 kg/ plastic barrel

    2. Store in a cool, well-ventilated warehouse

    3. Please unload the goods lightly to avoid damaging the container. Transport it as non-DG goods.

  • Precautions Of Hydroxyl Silicone Oil 40 CST to 20,000,000 CST

    1. You can get the best effect if you add the OH-polysiloxane while mix gum and fumed silica

    2. The dosage of the OH-polysiloxane will be affected by the quality of the fumed silica and the gum. Please add it according to your request

    3. Please protect the goods from the sun and high temperatures, do not store it with acid and alkali, ect chemicals in transportation and storage. It is not suitable to store for a long period, please use it out in half year.

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