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UV Spray Coating

UV coating is a high-performance UV spray paint. It has an excellent protective function which is suitable for plastic products which has high gloss requirement. It can be also used with matt UV coating to get different glossiness. The UV coating has the advantages of good levelling properties, good fullness, strong adhesion, excellent friction resistance, high transparency, good weather resistance, excellent chemical resistance, wide application, etc.

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Category: Silicone Coating and Ink
  • Product Features Of UV Spray Coating

    • UV coating has good transparency and smooth hand feeling

    • Steel wire cotton resistance, model 0000#, force 500g/ cm2, 500 times, gloss change △2 degrees

    • Resistance to dissemination: draw 5 line segments of about 10mm on the tested products by a mark pen, the mark is easy to be cleaned. No dip-dye on the coating surface

    • Vibration resistance can be 2 hours

    • Excellent boil water resistance and chemical testing resistance

  • Application Field Of UV Spray Coating

    The UV coating is applied to the laptop keyboard, phone keyboard, phone side key, remote control cover, TV frame and phone cover, ect 3c electronics.

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  • Product Certificate Of UV Spray Coating

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