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Carbon Paste SF-1600D

SF-1600D is a halogen-free one-component baking conductive carbon paste, which is made of high-performance resin and conductive powder.

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Category: Conductive Carbon Paste
  • Product Features Of Carbon Paste SF-1600D

    • It is mainly suitable for PET, PC, PVC, TPU and other substrates.

    • It is widely used in industries such as blood glucose test strips, conductive circuits, electromagnetic shielding, physical therapy and fever.

  • Performance Parameters Of Carbon Paste SF-1600D

    • Appearance: Black Grey

    • Viscosity: 15000-35000 MPa. S

    • Solid content: ≥ 40%

    • Curing process: blast oven: (100~130) ℃×20min

    • Volume resistance: ≤ 0.03 Ω·cm

    • Hardness (Zhonghua pencil, 2kg): ≥ 2H Adhesion (3M600 tape): No falling off

    • Fineness of  paste:<7μm

    ①: Brookfield hadv-i rotary viscometer, 14 × rotor, 20rpm, 25 ℃

    ②: 150 ℃×60min

  • Using Manual Of Carbon Paste SF-1600D

    • Screen type: polyester screen or stainless steel

    • Screen mesh: 150 ~ 250 mesh,

    • Wire diameter: 28 ~ 34 meshμM

    • Latex thickness: 6μM

    • Screen tension: 20 ~ 28n

    • Scraping hardness: 65-75 (Shore hardness) printing Thickness: > 6μM

    • Cleaning agent: acetone, butyl acetate

  • Using Precautions Of Carbon Paste SF-1600D

    1. Since the silver in the product will settle or jelly after being placed for a period of time, please stir it evenly before each use. It is recommended to use a blender for 1 hour before use. The screen should be clean and dry;

    2. The environment is recommended for use. The temperature is controlled at 18~22℃, and the humidity is ≤60%;

    3. The viscosity of the conductive silver paste has been adjusted, so do not add diluent at the beginning of use;

    4. Use the silver paste within 24 hours after opening, and cut the unused silver paste Do not place it open, cover the inner and outer covers, and store it in a sealed;

    5. The recycled silver paste must be stored and used separately from the normal silver paste, and cannot be mixed. To adjust the viscosity of the recycled silver paste, a special thinner XSJ-533B is required, and the addition amount does not exceed 1.5% of the total mass of the silver paste. In the long-term printing process of silver paste, if the viscosity of the paste increases, the thinner XSJ-533B can be added appropriately, and the addition amount should not exceed 1.5% of the total mass of the silver paste;

    6. The substrate must be strictly dried before printing. Dust removal and static removal treatment;

    7. Do not touch the substrate and silver wire parts with bare hands during operation;

    8. The working environment should not contain corrosive gases such as sulfide and chloride;

    9. Operators must wear masks, hats, and gloves Etc., do not use labor protection products containing sulfide;

    10. Wash the skin with water and soap in the time when it comes in contact with the skin.

  • Package Of Carbon Paste SF-1600D

    carbon paste sf 1600d supplier

    1kg/bottle, 2kg/bottle, 15kg/bottle

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