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Plastic Printing Ink For PET

PET ink is a single component solvent type ink which is suitable for film printing. It has good adhesion on treated PET substrates.

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Category: Silicone Coating and Ink
  • Product Features Of Plastic Printing Ink For PET

    • Good printing effect, and no printing issues as pinhole sawtooth and so on, it can be used for fine printing

    • Excellent high-speed printing property

    • Excellent adhesion, good processability

    • Good gasoline, alcohol and whimsicalness resistance

    • Excellent weather resistance

    • Excellent palette stability

    • Excellent scratch and friction resistance

    • Excellent punching and cutting resistance

  • Application Field Of Plastic Printing Ink For PET

    The key coating is applied to the laptop keyboard, remote control key, imprinter, phone key, etc 3c electronics.

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  • Use Direction Of Plastic Printing Ink For PET

    1. Clean the impurities on the substrate

    2. Adjust the viscosity of the ink by thinner with a mix ratio of about 10% to 15%, then screen printing by 250-300 mesh screen printing plate

    3. Bake condition: 130-140℃/40s or 110-120℃/3-5min

  • Product Certificate Of Plastic Printing Ink For PET

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