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Silicon Glue For Strapless Bra

The silicone gel is an RTV two-component pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has different properties from other glues (such as acrylic glues, natural glues, etc.).The differences include a broad range of using temperature, r, conformity, and bonging surface with low bonding energy and bonding properties.

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Category: Silicone Gel
  • Product Features Of Silicon Glue For Strapless Bra

    • Fast curing speed

    • Strong adhesion

    • Good flexibility

    • Non-toxic and tasteless

    • Passed RoHS certification

  • Application Field Of Silicon Glue For Strapless Bra

    Chest pads, clothing shoulder pads, patches, non-slip pads, electronic sealing materials, etc.

    Suitable for multiple surfaces of different substrates, especially working well for bonding on human being's skin (example of typical use: silicone glue bonded brassier).

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  • The Performance Parameters Of Silicon Glue For Strapless Bra

    PropertiesSilicon adhesive
    AppearanceComponent A: transparent viscous liquid
    Component B: light yellow transparent liquid
    Viscosity (mpa.s)A:14000-18000
    Operation time9-12 min
    Time for sticking film≤6 h
    1. Note: test environmental temperature 25℃, humidity 60%

  • Use Direction Of Silicon Glue For Strapless Bra

    Environmental HumidityMix RatioNotes
    Below 30%A/B=30/0.71. Well-mixed silicone should be used in 10min;

    2. The humidity in the working place has an effect on the adhesiveness of the silicone; please adjust the mix ratio according to practical humidity to achieve the best adhesiveness effect.

    3. The adhesiveness will decrease when increase the quantity of component B; On the contrary, the adhesive will increase

    Above 80%A/B=30/1
    • Spray the silicone adhesive on the item uniformly until it alike surface color, secondly spray after keeping the sprayed item at room temperature for 1h, and repeat spray according to above-mentioned method until get your required thickness

    • Put the film on the glue after 6 hours

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