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Primer for Silicone BTL-660-10

The material is a one-component interface treatment agent which made from special structure compound. It has good property changing function and it can be dry quickly at room temperature. Especially it is suitable for silicone rubber products, low surface energy plastic interface treatment that make cyanoacrylate adhesive have strong adhesion on silicone rubber.


Colorless transparent liquid

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Category: Primer for Silicone
  • Use Direction Of Product Manual for BTL-660-10

    • Clean up the impurities of the item surface 

    • Shake the primer till it is uniform. Spray or brush the primer onto the surface of the silicone item 

    • Keep it at room temperature for 1-2min, brush cyanoacrylate adhesive on silicone item, then bonding and fixing 

    • Keep it at room temperature for 5-10 min, move the fixer

  • The Handling Precautions Of Product Manual for BTL-660-10

    • Products with primer cannot be used for a long time after dry, instead, we suggest all of them in 4h in humidity ≤65% environment;

    • Generally speaking, cyanoacrylate adhesive has adhesion on primer needs about 5 seconds, but 24 hours needed for max bonding strength at room temperature;

    • Since the solvent in the primer may have effect on some plastics or paints. We suggest that confirm the compatibility of the product with the surface of the substrate before use;

    • Bonding force is decided by the adhesive and substrate. Please confirm with us if you have special requirements on the adhesion before use.

  • Safety Precautions Of Product Manual for BTL-660-10

    • Wear personal protect equipment to avoid burning while processing. Do not eat and use naked flame, keep suitable environmental temperature, reduce static 

    • Handle with care, details refer to MSDS. In addition, please follow safety regulation of country or local government

  • Other Illustrate Of Product Manual for BTL-660-10

    Package: 1kg per can, 15kg per barrel. Package can be customized as per client's request

    Storage: Stored in cool, dry and ventilated place at temperature of 15to 35℃, humidity≤85%; Collection and storage it by galvanized metal, Polyethylene or polypropylene container; Stay far away from fire source

    Shelf life: 3 months from production date, overdue material can be re- used after qualified.

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