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CSGW-S51001 Methylphenyl Hydrogen Silicone Resin

The methylphenyl hydrogen silicone resin which is synthesized with phenyl monomer as raw materials by a special post-treatment has excellent Si-H activity. It is a reliable crosslinker for manufacturing high temperature resistant addition liquid silicone rubber and high refraction phenyl LED silicone encapsulates.

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Category: Silicone Resin
  • Performance Parameters Of CSGW-S51001(Methylphenyl Hydrogen Silicone Resin)

    • Because the molecule contains active Si-H bond, it can participate in a variety of chemical reactions and has good film forming performance;
    • In the presence of alkali or lewisic acid, it can interact with HO or R-OH to release H2;

    • It is easy to react with alene compounds in the presence of platinum-chromium complexes;

    • In addition reaction, the required reaction temperature is low, the amount of catalyst is small and the reaction is complete, colorless and odorless.

    Reflective rate1.54
    Solid content(%)≥96
    Hydrogen content(%)0.10-0.12%
    Vinyl content (%)3.4-3.8%
    Viscosity(mpa·s /25℃)20000-25000

  • Precautions Of CSGW-S51001(Methylphenyl Hydrogen Silicone Resin)

    1. This product is a chemically active material, in the process of storage and transportation shall not be mixed with impurities (especially catalysts), in use or compatibility, should pay attention to other materials can trigger its chemical reaction, to prevent denaturation.

    2. The product must be used under good ventilation conditions, wear necessary safety protection, avoid human inhalation during the construction process.Prohibited from eating;

    3. Use this product with care. Please pay attention before and during use. In addition, safety regulations set by the relevant national or local government should be followed. (Refer to corresponding MSDS for detailed safety guidelines)

  • Product Package Of CSGW-S51001(Methylphenyl Hydrogen Silicone Resin)

    Packed by polyethylene plastic bucket, 5KG per tin, 50KG per bucket,200KG per bucket Store and transport as non-dangerous goods.

  • Storage Of CSGW-S51001(Methylphenyl Hydrogen Silicone Resin)

    In an airtight container, keep it in a cool, dry, light-free, well-ventilated place, and avoid impurities (especially catalysts, oxidants, and acid and alkali substances).

    Shelf life: Storage period is 12 months, expired after inspection can still be used

  • Product Manual For CSGW-S51001

    Declaration: The product information and use suggestions on this page are qualified and safe under the condition that our company has mastered the technology of the product. The use of the product (including but not limited to transportation, storage and processing) shall not be deemed appropriate in all circumstances. The Company shall not be liable for any loss (including accidents) resulting from the use of this product or reliance on the product information and recommendations contained in this page. At the same time, the Company expressly disclaims any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability for specific purposes of the product information and recommendations on this page. The Company reserves the right to change the product information and recommendations on this page at any time without prior or subsequent notice.

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