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CSGW-400J Elastomer

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Category: Phenyl Silicone
  • Physical and Chemical Properties

    • Appearance: Grey viscous liquid

    • Viscosity 25℃ mPas: 2000-10 milliom

    • Phenyl Content (mol %): 2.0-30.0

  • Applications Of CSGW-400J Elastomer

    The product has excellent low-temperature resistance, in addition to the low temperature conditions of -120 ℃ still have the elasticity, weather resistance, ozone resistance, irradiation resistance, ablation resistance and self-extinguishing properties. Assist buffer manufacturers in many industries are also widely used, such as: aerospace, high-speed rail, tanks, nuclear submarines, ships, airplanes, bridges, gold mining, mining, offshore platforms and so on.

  • Package&Transportation Of CSGW-400J Elastomer

    Net weight 20kg/plastic drum, 200kg/iron drum. Avoid direct sunlight, and should be isolated from fire source, away from heat source. Managed according to general chemicals, it should be stored in a cool and dry place and kept airtight. The storage period of this product is 5 years from the date of production. After exceeding the storage period, it can still be used even if the test indexes are qualified.

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