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Conductive Paste For High Frequency Filter Dip Coating SF3400

SF-3400 is a high-performance sintered dip-coating slurry, suitable for the metallization of the filter surface.

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Category: High Temperature Curing Conductive Paste
  • Product Features Of For High-Frequency Filter Dip Coating SF3400

    • After dip coating and centrifugation, the surface is smooth,

    • the film thickness is high in a single operation,

    • No accumulation at the edges and corners of the hole bottom,

    • No skin is sintered

    • Good conductivity and low insertion loss

    • The silver layer with high tensile strength,

    • good solderability and solder resistance.

  • Performance Parameters Of For High-Frequency Filter Dip Coating SF3400

    Model No.SF-3400
    Solid content(wt%)80±2
    Curing process150℃/5~10min
    Firing process
    (Advice: 830℃/15min)
    Electrical conductivity(×106 S/m)≥40
    Binding force(kgf/mm2)≥3.0
    300℃/3s ,
    Tin Coated area≥90%
    CleanerEthanol, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate
    According to the requirements of the dipping process

  • Using Manual Of For High-Frequency Filter Dip Coating SF3400

    1. It is recommended to control the ambient temperature at 20~25℃ and humidity at 50~60% during use;

    2. Use the silver paste within 24 hours after opening. The unused silver paste must not be left open, and the inner and outer covers should be covered and sealed. Storage;

    3. Recycle the silver paste to adjust the viscosity, and a special thinner is required;

    4. When the silver paste is taken out of the refrigerated state for use, please first put the silver paste at the operating temperature (generally 20℃~25℃). Balance, balance time ≥ 4h, special attention: Do not open the silver paste packaging cover during the balancing process, and keep the silver paste packaging tank in a sealed state. After the temperature is balanced, please open the lid and stir evenly;

    5. The working environment should not contain corrosive gases such as sulfide and chloride;

    6. The operator must wear masks, hats, gloves, etc., and do not use sulfide The labor protection supplies;

    7. If it touches the skin, it should be washed with water and soap in time

  • Package Of For High-Frequency Filter Dip Coating SF3400

    thermally conductive compound


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