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Ceramic Antenna Spray Silver Paste SF-3290

SF-3290 is a high-performance sintered spray slurry, suitable for the surface metallization of ceramic filters.  The product meets the requirements of the RHOS standard.

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Category: High Temperature Curing Conductive Paste
  • Product Features Of Ceramic Antenna Spray Silver Paste SF-3290

    • Good conductivity and low insertion loss

    • The silver layer with high tensile strength,

    • good solderability and solder resistance.

  • The Performance Parameters Of Ceramic Antenna Spray Silver Paste SF-3290

    Model No.SF-3290
    Solid content(wt%)80±2
    Curing process150℃/5~10min
    Firing process
    (Advice: 830℃/15min)
    Electrical conductivity(×106 S/m)≥40
    Binding force(kgf/mm2)≥3.0
    300℃/3s ,
    Tin Coated area≥95%
    CleanerEthanol, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate
    Orifice: add 9% customized thinner
    (Spray surface: add 10% customized thinner)

  • The Using Manual Of Ceramic Antenna Spray Silver Paste SF-3290

    1. It is recommended to control the ambient temperature at 20~25℃ and humidity at 50~60% during use;

    2. Use the unused silver paste within 24 hours after opening. The unused silver paste must not be left open, and the inner and outer covers must be covered and stored in a sealed manner;

    3. The recycled silver paste must be stored and used separately from the normal silver paste, and cannot be mixed. To adjust the viscosity of recycled silver paste, a special diluent is required;

    4. When the silver paste is taken out of the refrigerated state for use, please first balance the silver paste at the operating temperature (generally 20℃~25℃), the balance time is ≥4h, special attention: do not open during the balancing process The silver paste packaging cover should keep the silver paste packaging can in a sealed state. After the temperature is well balanced, please open the lid and stir evenly;

    5. The working environment should not contain corrosive gases such as sulfide and chloride;

    6. Operators must wear masks, hats, gloves, etc., and do not use labor protection products containing sulfide;

    7. Contact with skin should be washed with water and soap in time.

  • Package Of Ceramic Antenna Spray Silver Paste SF-3290

    silver conductive adhesive paste


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