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Primer for Silicone BTS-1413-3

The material is a one-component interface treatment agent which made from special structure compound. It is mainly used for surface treatment of material PC. And it makes good adhesion between treated PC item and heat molding cured platinum silicone. It has the advantage of simple operation, high transparency, fast drying, excellent adhesion effect, ect.

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Category: Primer for Silicone
  • Use Direction Of Product Manual for BTS-1413-3

    • Clean up the impurities, such as dust and grease of the item surface

    • Brush or spray or soak the primer onto the surface of the item

    • Bake it at temperature of 100℃ for 10 to 15 minutes

    • Molding it with silicone after drying

  • The Performance Parameters Of Product Manual for BTS-1413-3

    Test item

    Test condition and methodResult
    AppearanceVisualColorless to light yellow transparent liquid
    ViscosityIwata 2# 25℃7.5 S
    Effective solid content105℃, 2h6.5%
    Adhesion strengthHand-stripping100% Cohesion damaged
    Heat and cold impact(80℃×1hr ~—40℃×1hr) ×30 recycleNo error

  • Application Field Of Product Manual for BTS-1413-3

    Suitable for assembly joint of cell phone, laptop, household electrical appliances, ect electronics and other electronic devices

  • Other Illustrate Of Product Manual for BTS-1413-3

    Package: 1kg per can 

    Storage: Stored in cool, dry and ventilated place at temperature of 0 to 35℃, humidity≤65%; Collection and storage it by galvanized metal, Polyethylene or polypropylene container; Stay far away from fire source 

    Shelf life: 3 months from production date, overdue material can be re- used after qualified.

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