Organic silicon direct contact with the human body for medical use, so in terms of safety and effectiveness of medical solutions demanding, as the nation’s leading medical silicone rubber raw material suppliers, BTL has a strong technical support team, whether need to adjust formula according to specific needs, or want to test the rubber or the performance of vulcanized rubber, we are able to provide you with a strong technical support.

 Product Parts Model Applicable process
catheter cavity head BQ-6560A/B injection、moulded
catheter SH-2260A/B、2270A/B squeeze out
balloon SH-K630 moulded
throat laryngeal mask BQ-6550A/B injection
throat 2260A/B、2270A/B squeeze out


catheter printing ink HSL-T7XX、HSL-XXXX printing
negative pressure ball negative pressure ball BQ-6560A/B injection、moulded
medical infusion pump catheter SH-3258A/B squeeze out



Negative pressure ball

Infusion pump

Certification system
Through The European RoHS, THE United States FDA, Germany LFGB, ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing, please contact customer service for details.

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