Carbon paste SF-1600D

Carbon paste SF-1600D

SF-1600D is a halogen-free one component baking conductive carbon paste, which is made of high-performance resin and conductive powder.


It is mainly suitable for PET, PC, PVC, TPU and other substrates.

It is widely used in industries such as blood glucose test strips, conductive circuits,

electromagnetic shielding, physical therapy and fever

Performance parameter

Appearance: Black Grey

Viscosity: 15000-35000 MPa. S

Solid content: ≥ 40%

Curing process: blast oven: (100~130) ℃×20min

Volume resistance: ≤ 0.03 Ω·cm

Hardness (Zhonghua pencil, 2kg): ≥ 2H Adhesion (3M600 tape): No falling off

Fineness of  paste:<7μm

① : Brookfield hadv-i rotary viscometer, 14 × rotor, 20rpm, 25 ℃

②:150 ℃×60min

Suggested screen printing parameter

Screen type: polyester screen or stainless steel

Screen mesh: 150 ~ 250 mesh,

Wire diameter: 28 ~ 34 meshμM

Latex thickness: 6μM

Screen tension: 20 ~ 28n

Scraping hardness: 65-75 (Shore hardness) printing Thickness: > 6μM

Cleaning agent: acetone, butyl acetate

Using precautions

1. Since the silver in the product will settle or jelly after being placed for a period of time, please stir it evenly before each use. It is recommended to use a blender for 1 hour before use. The screen should be clean and dry;

2. The environment is recommended for use. The temperature is controlled at 18~22℃, and the humidity is ≤60%;
3. The viscosity of the conductive silver paste has been adjusted, so do not add diluent at the beginning of use;
4. Use the silver paste within 24 hours after opening, and cut the unused silver paste Do not place it open, cover the inner and outer covers, and store it in a sealed;
5. The recycled silver paste must be stored and used separately from the normal silver paste, and cannot be mixed. To adjust the viscosity of the recycled silver paste, a special thinner XSJ-533B is required, and the addition amount does not exceed 1.5% of the total mass of the silver paste. In the long-term printing process of silver paste, if the viscosity of the paste increases, the thinner XSJ-533B can be added appropriately, and the addition amount should not exceed 1.5% of the total mass of the silver paste;
6. The substrate must be strictly dried before printing. Dust removal and static removal treatment;
7. Do not touch the substrate and silver wire parts with bare hands during operation;
8. The working environment should not contain corrosive gases such as sulfide and chloride;
9. Operators must wear masks, hats, and gloves Etc., do not use labor protection products containing sulfide;
10. Wash the skin with water and soap in time when it comes in contact with the skin.



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