Tetraethyl orthosilicate TEOS CAS.78-10-4

////Tetraethyl orthosilicate TEOS CAS.78-10-4

Tetraethyl orthosilicate TEOS CAS.78-10-4

Used as end-capping agent for linear polysiloxane, introducing vinyl groups for linear polysiloxane


Molecular weight 208.33
Density (25 ℃) g / cm3 0.930-0.950
Refractive index(n25D) 1.382-1.384
Boiling point 106.8℃(760mmHg)
Tetramethyldisilazane content ≥95%
Applied field 1. Used as a binder for optical glass, chemical-resistant coatings and heat-resistant coatings.
2. Used for chemical-resistant coatings and heat-resistant coatings, and the hydrolyzed product can be used to make phosphors.
3. Used to synthesize organosilicon intermediates, as well as for refractory adhesives and precision casting, as room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber
Crosslinking agent.
4. Used in natural stone or other building materials, it can form silica sol-like inorganic substance (sio2) to enhance the strength of the substrate
Spend. In glass and plastic lens materials, it can provide super-hard scratch-resistant coatings.

Shelf life:12 months from the date of production



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