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BTL Attended Shanghai Automechanika Exhibition

BTL Attended Shanghai Automechanika Exhibition

From Nov. 29th to Dec. 2nd in 2017, we showed up at the Shanghai Automechanika exhibition-one of the most important events in the global automotive industry. In this exhibition, we displayed the whole series of automobile-led lighting lamps, such as led headlight bulbs, led projector lenses, led fog lights, etc. The most popular products are H4, H7, H11, 9005, and 9006 led headlamps and bi-led projector lenses, which have successfully captured the eyes of many foreign merchants. The LED lights we showed not only contain the best quality and craftsmanship but also combined creative design. It is a good way to show our product's information and professional image entirety.

As a global exhibition, Shanghai Automechanika has always been committed to expanding the resources of buyers at home and abroad, creating new communication channels for exhibitors and buyers around the world to promote business contacts. We use this opportunity actively to show the public not only a good quality product but also our pure-heartedness and keep improving our attitude.

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