Silicon paint is a mixture of oil-based paint and silicone, where silicone makes the paint more flexible. Silicon paint comprises silicone powder (a flexible substance), silicone resin (polymeric inorganic compound), silicone oil, etc.


A range of various silicone paint colors is used for coating or decoration of a surface. Silicone paint is a masonry paint with excellent performance that can be used over existing silicone-based render or mineral base render. It is waterproof, extremely breathable, and pollutant-resistant. These properties of silicone paint explore its perfection for use at home in a humid environment.

What is Silicone Paint Used For?

Betely’s silicon is suitable for various kinds of silicon substrates produced by 0-80ºC, viz; keypads of a laptop, phone, telephone, copying machine, remote control home appliance. Furthermore, it is also suitable for silicone products, including phone covers, sound cases, seal kits, tubes, tablewares, silicone parts, etc.


Betely’s silicon can cover the defective surface, alter the substrate’s purpose, and make them attractive with decoration. Silicon is used as an additive to boost the vessels’ efficiency in the shipping industry, leading to a decline in fuel consumption and faster speed. Industrial paint makers selectively use silicone for enhancing adherence, weather-resistant, and waterproofing. In the leather industry, silicon paint is vividly used to apply in various leather goods and give consumer satisfaction selectively for each product.


The Chemical Compositions Of Silicone Paint

  1. Auxiliary (main film-forming material)-curing agent (bridging), special function

Auxiliary: Including curing agents and other materials, which give the silicone printing ink the ability of chemical reaction or special effect. It can increase the smoothness of the ink, improve surface leveling and anti-oil pockets, increase abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, anti-sedimentation, etc.

  1. Powder (film-forming material)-matt, color

Matting powder and filler: mainly play the role of matting, and at the same time, the matting powder can also determine the smoothness and fineness of the film. Appropriately increasing the content of both can also improve alcohol resistance. Toner/pearlescent, silver powder: provide special effects of the ink film, such as black, white, color, and metallic feeling. The amount of addition can determine the color density and film permeability.

  1. Solvent-dissolving, providing a reaction environment

It dissolves base materials, additives, powders, etc., provides a specific environment to enable it to disperse evenly or reach the corresponding construction conditions, determine the appearance and leveling effect of the ink, and volatilize during baking, and does not participate in the reaction. The role of solvent: The amount of solvent added is the main method used to adjust the solid content and viscosity of the ink. Please pay attention to the difference with thinner.

  1. Base material (main film-forming substance)-the main anti-film-forming substance

The main function of the base material: it is the basis of film formation. The chemical structure/reactive group content level determines the tensile performance, rubber resistance, RCA resistance, and other properties of the ink.


Features And Advantages Of Silicone Pint.

Betely’s paint has remarkable results when tested against the below-mentioned properties.

Betely’s silicone paint has excellent adhesive properties, effective coverage on the substrate, attractive comely appearance, remarkable leveling characteristics, the superb chemical and weather resistance character, and is highly recommended for general use. Further, in combination with other products, we help to get rid of the surface defects. Because of silicon resins, it is resistant to extreme weather conditions, very high temperatures, and water penetration.


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