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The Ultimate Guide to Chemical Coating and Ink

The Ultimate Guide to Chemical Coating and Ink

Have you ever wondered how important is chemical coating and ink in the chemical industry? Chemical coating and ink play an imperative role in protecting your components. Betely manufactures the highest quality chemical coating and ink.

Based upon our sophisticated experience in the chemical industry, hereby, we will introduce you to the types of chemical coating and ink, including its reaction process, applications, and advantages.

the ultimate guide to chemical coating and ink

Different Types of Chemical Coating and Ink

Our chemical coating and ink include types of silicone, plastic, and fluoro rubber. Beneath them, the subdivisions of chemical coating and ink include:

1. For Silicone

Silicone rubber coating and ink is film-forming material made with silicone oils and NCO. The silicone rubber coating is mainly sprayed on the object’s surface, gloss or matte state effect.

By using silicone rubber coating, users can embrace a delicate and smooth sense of products, so as to achieve chemical resistance function.

Silicone Printing Ink

– Silicone Spray Paint

– Silicone Soft Touch Coating

PU Rubber Coating

– Conductive Ink

2. For Plastic

Plastic ink is a chemical ink used to print all kinds of materials such as PET, ABS, PC, ABS+PC, and high-temperature-resistant substrates. The features of plastic ink include high color concentration, slow drying speed, smoothness, and thickness.

– Plastic Printing Ink

– Plastic Spray Ink

– Rubber Soft Touch Coating

– Plastic Water-Based Paint

3. Fluororubber Soft Touch Coating

Fluorofubber soft-touch coating is a kind of coating material that is applied to the plastic substrate. This soft touch plastic paint can create and durable and soft surface, increasing the smoothness of the product surface.

the ultimate guide to chemical coating and ink

Applications of Chemical Coating and Ink

The chemical coating and ink can be applied to many industries, including the 3C electron industry, smart wear industry and also sex products, and kitchenware industry.  packaging and printing industry, health supply industry, etc. Betely is appreciated for winning the trust of more than 15 industry sectors. Most of our partners are niche or famous brands that give us high recognition.

As such, the applications of our products can provide you with deep insight into the chemical coating and ink applications:

Electron Industry

The electron industry is the industry with the greatest demand for silicone rubber coating and ink. Silicone rubber coating and ink can be applied to 3C electronics such as keyboards, wearable devices, computers, home appliances, etc. In addition, it can provide enhanced smoothness and safety for the product.

Packaging and Printing Industry

Chemical coating and ink have a wide range of industrial use in the packaging and printing industry, such as high-temperature tape, heat resistance labels, and tire vulcanization labels.

Health Supply Industry

Chemical coating and ink in the health supply industry can be applied to adult products.

Chemical Reaction of Chemical Coating and Ink

Many people have a basic understanding of what chemical coating and ink are. But seldom knows the chemical reaction process behind it. So at this moment, let us guide you through the chemical reaction of chemical coating and ink.

The chemical reaction process of chemical coating and ink is the crosslink reaction between the curing agent and ethylene silicone oil/resin:

Silicone Ink

The addition reaction of vinyl containing (- C = C -) silicone oil/material and hydrogen containing (- H) silicone oil/material under platinum catalyst and a certain temperature; (Reaction temperature: 80 ℃ – 220 ℃)

PU Ink

Hydroxyl (- OH) in polyurethane/polyester resin in PU ink reacts with isocyanate (- NCO) at a certain temperature to form a film; (Reaction temperature: 70 ℃ – 150 ℃)

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