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Liquid vs Solid Silicone Rubber ——Which One is Better for Your Application?

Liquid vs Solid Silicone Rubber ——Which One is Better for Your Application?


You could be mistaken in thinking that all rubber is the same.

A particular type of rubber can perform tasks that standard rubber cannot. Silicone rubber is composed of silicon and other elements. It can be used for various purposes, including gaskets, electronic potting, medical devices, and formed parts. It exists in both liquid and solid states. Betely will explain in this article why silicone rubber is the best option for your needs and how to choose between liquid and solid forms.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

Liquid silicone rubber is a fluid that can be injection moulded precisely. It consists of two components combined just before injection into the mould. LSR is highly transparent, odourless, and food-safe. It cures without needing vulcanizing agents or fillers and has excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, low compression set, good elasticity, and biocompatibility. Betely provides a self-adhesive LSR for TPU that can adhere to thermoplastic polyurethane without needing a primer or surface treatment. This product is suitable for protective cases, keypads, and seals.

Solid Silicone Rubber (SSR)

Solid silicone rubber is an impermeable solid material. It contains polymers with relatively long polymer chains and a high molecular weight. It is uncured and must be processed using conventional methods, such as extrusion, compression, or transfer moulding. SSR can be filled with additives such as colourants, flame retardants, conductive agents, and reinforcing agents to improve its properties. It has excellent mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, and insulation properties. Betely offers an SSR SH-8660 that is flame retardant and resistant to high temperatures and heat (250°C/72H). This item suits applications involving electric cables, wires, auto spare parts, and gaskets.

The primary distinctions between liquid silicone rubber and solid silicone rubber are their states and processing methods.

1.LSR is better suited to complex shapes, thin walls, and close tolerances.

2.SSR is better suited for large components with thick sections and simple geometries.

3.LSR has a lower viscosity and a quicker curing time than SSR, but it is more expensive and has a lower tear strength.

The type of silicone rubber used depends on the product's application and specifications.

Silicone rubber is an elastomer in both liquid and solid states. It has a variety of industrial uses. Both types of silicone rubber possess exceptional qualities, including high-temperature resistance. Low compression coupled with high elasticity and biocompatibility.

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