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Silicone Rubber: The Ideal Material for Medical Industries

Silicone Rubber: The Ideal Material for Medical Industries


Choosing high-quality elastomers for medical device applications that fulfill tight performance demands and financial constraints requires careful consideration of material attributes and processing options by designers, engineers, and managers. With so many materials and production processes accessible today, determining the optimal elastomer can be difficult.

To help you make the best choice, this article by BETELY breaks down the key potential benefits of silicone rubber for medical applications.

Processing and performance

Silicone rubber is an elastomeric thermoset which utilizes siloxane chemistry to provide unique material properties. It is known for its low thermal conductivity, low chemical reactivity, biocompatibility, thermal stability, and high gas permeability. Silicone rubber is a preferred choice of elastomer in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries because of its advantages in processing and performance that render it a prime choice of material for technical components in high volumes.

Durable and simple to sterilize

Liquid silicone rubber for catheter cavity is simple to sterilize using techniques such as autoclave, gamma irradiation, or ethylene oxide. This ensures the hygiene and security of medical devices and components that are exposed to blood or organs. Moreover, it enhances the durability and stability of medical supplies.

For example, BETELY liquid silicone rubber used in a catheter cavity is a two-component platinum-cured silicone rubber with high transparency, high tear strength, and good resilience. It can be manufactured using either injection molding or extrusion molding.


High degree of electrothermal insulation and safety

With the high degree of electrothermal insulation that medical-grade solid silicone rubber for tubes provides, electrical components can be protected from heat and shocks. This improves the performance and reliability of medical devices, including electrosurgical handpieces and infusion sleeves which use electricity or heat, and therefore reduces the risk of operator or patient harm or injury.

Medical-grade solid silicone rubber for tubes from BETELY is vulcanized by platinum rhodium complex, allowing for properties such as high transparency, smooth surface, simple operation, fast vulcanization, high efficiency, odorless and tasteless, stable dimensions, and good tear strength. It is especially suitable for various types of medical-grade extrusion silicone rubber tubing.


Silicone rubber is resistant to temperature, UV radiation, and X-rays, allowing it to tolerate extreme climatic conditions and exposure to radiation without deterioration. As a result, silicone rubber may be utilized in a variety of medical applications, such as diagnostic tools and blood dialysis catheters, that entail high or low temperatures or radiation. Moreover, silicone rubber's physical characteristics and integrity are maintained throughout time and use.

Customizable for non-slip

Non-slip silicone rubber surfaces can be used to increase grip and prevent slippage of medical devices or instruments. This enables medical equipment that needs to be handled carefully, including compression bars and introducer tips, to be more practical to use. It also lessens the possibility of mistakes or mishaps during medical treatments.

Ideal material for medical applications

In summary, silicone rubber is a synthetic polymer with fundamental properties of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, which gives it superior heat resistance and flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. It is also biocompatible, inert, water repellent, sterilizable, and non-allergenic, making it an ideal material for various medical applications.

One of the leading manufacturers of medical-grade silicone rubber is BETELY. We offer high-quality silicone for various medical applications, such as urinary catheters, drainage tubes, menstrual cups, and many more medical-grade products.

1. Our silicone rubber is made with AB components, eliminating the need for adding vulcanizing agents and optimizing the construction process.

2. Our products also meet the biocompatibility and USP88classVI certification standards, ensuring safety and performance for your medical needs.

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