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Main Advantages of Food Grade Silicone Rubber Material You Must Know

Main Advantages of Food Grade Silicone Rubber Material You Must Know

Although the invention of plastic added more convenience to the lives of humans, over time, we realized the toxicity of plastic. This and other factors led to the mass production of organic silicon, and now they have made their way into every kitchen, bathroom, and even nursery. The bright colors, attractive designs, and practicality of silicone products have made them the favorite of many households trying to minimize their exposure to harmful plastics.

Application of Food-Grade Silicone Rubber

Food-grade silicone rubber is a kind of organic polymer colloidal material that does not contain any chemical byproducts, and that is why it is considered safe to use with food. At the same time, food-grade silicon such as food-grade silicone sheet offers the strength to manufacture baby nipples/bottles, kitchenware, table wares, and other kitchen appliances. Here are some other products which are manufactured using food-grade silicon:

main advantages of food grade-silicone rubber material you must know

Children appliance

Baby nipples and bottles made of food-grade silicone rubber are a safer alternative to plastic bottles because the food-grade silicone rubber material has superior mechanical properties. These baby bottles have good transparency and are odorless. Besides, the food grade liquid silicone rubber is also flexible and lightweight, and it needs a simple cleaning process. You would not have to worry about the safety issue as the food-grade silicon used baby nipples are lead and BPA-free and are manufactured by the injection molding process.

Kitchen utensils

main advantages of food grade-silicone rubber material you must know

During its good breathability and substantial mechanical property, food-grade silicone rubber is also utilized to make colorful tableware like seal kits, oil seals, and even cutlery. Even experts suggest tableware made of food-grade silicone rubber to consumers as food-grade silicone rubber material is poison-less and harmless. The table wares and kitchenware made from food-grade silicone sheet is practical, and soft but durable. Cleaning such tableware is super easy, and since it is heat resistant, you can use it in the high heat, freezer, and dishwasher.

Mains Advantages of Food Grade Silicone Rubber

main advantages of food grade-silicone rubber material you must know

Before you set out for purchasing food grade silicone rubber appliances, you should check this list of advantages:

1. Durability

Although food grade silicon rubber is flexible, it offers durability to withstand a manufacturing warehouse’s daily requirements or a busy kitchen. The components are flame-resistant and do not corrode even when used extensively for prolonged durations.

2. Process flexibility

Most manufacturing companies are following the 2-shot injection molding method to meet all the design specifications. Yet Food grade silicone rubber can be produced using multiple methods, and thus, more complex designs can be possible.

3. Heat and cold resistance

Appliances for storing food and beverages need to be resistant to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Even if you put the food-grade silicone rubber appliances inside a high-heat environment or a freezer, they will withstand severe temperatures without melting or breaking. This fact makes food-grade silicon appliances a must-have for households and manufacturing units.

4. Chemical resistance

As already mentioned, food-grade silicone rubber belongs to a colloidal structure. Furthermore, silicon rubber of this type is also chemically inert. So, it wouldn’t react with acids and alkalis except for caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid.

5. FDA Compliance

All the leading manufacturers of food grade silicone rubber acquire FDA certificates and abide by all the standard safety guidelines. So, you would not have to worry while using it to serve food to your family or use it for your business.

Betely is a reliable food grade silicone rubber manufacturer that you can trust. The food grade silicone rubber of Betely doesn’t need additional vulcanizing, which is safe and perfectly suitable for food grade molding processing products. If you also want to experience some of the benefits of the silicone tube food grade, you can visit the product lists for more details.

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