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Applications of Silicone Rubber Material in Computer and Peripheral

Applications of Silicone Rubber Material in Computer and Peripheral

Silicone rubbers were created to provide insulation to the electric motors and generators used across various industries. However, today silicone rubber material is being used in various advanced manufacturing processes of different products. From tires and tubes to computers and cake pans, silicone rubber is practically used everywhere because of a ton of reasons. Silicone rubber is widely available because it can be easily formulated. You can get it in different varieties based on hardness, colors, etc. In general, silicone rubber is a high-quality polymer offering a set of unique properties for users. Besides its excellent electrical insulation properties, it also displays durability even when exposed to high temperatures.

applications of silicone rubber-material in computer and peripheral applications of silicone rubber-material in computer and peripheral

Application of Silicone Material in Computer and Peripheral

As mentioned before, eco-friendly silicone rubber material has become a favorite of engineers to manufacture computer parts. Since it offers durability and longevity, it has been found suitable for computer and peripheral components. Furthermore, silicone rubber products need only little maintenance to function, and it is considered cost-effective as well.

applications of silicone rubber-material in computer and peripheral

1. Touch Screen Display Module

In display bonding, silicone gel is used in the full bonding process to make a touchscreen display module. The cover glass is fixed to the surface using the light-curing or heat-curing organic silicon liquid optical adhesive. These kinds of adhesives have the advantage of preventing dust and water from going behind the cover glass as well as improving the level of shock resistance.

Because of the benefits silicone gel offers, display bonding is becoming more important in the industry sector and electronics field. Many enterprises are in the process of qualifying the suitable adhesive material. Since there are so many choices available on the market to choose the suitable adhesive material, there are still remain some uncertainties about what to choose.

In that respect, Betely is the answer. As one of the professional silicone rubber raw material manufacturers, Betely has focused on the innovation of new materials for electronic products and can offer you a wide variety of silicon adhesive options. From UV rubber DAMS ((Brightening film UV adhesive, Anti-fingerprint UV hardening solution)) to light curing adhesive, Betely is the one-stop solution of shell decoration protection, screen display packaging, and keyboard coloring.

2. Display Backlight

The silicone rubber material is also appropriate for manufacturing display backlight keyboards, which are waterproof and durable. While other keyboards are vulnerable to damages caused by temperature and cleaning liquids like disinfectants, you can sanitize your silicone rubber keyboard as much as you want.

Since keyboards pose the most risk of cross-contamination, it is mandatory to disinfect them and displays backlight silicone rubber keyboards that offer you numerous opportunities to do so. Since silicone can be molded in any shape and form, it is a popular choice in the manufacture of illuminated keyboards. Furthermore, silicone also plays a key role in enabling LED lighting technology in other display components of computers and laptops.

What are the Advantages of Silicone Rubber Material in Computers and Peripherals?

applications of silicone rubber-material-in-computer and peripheral

Over the years, silicone rubber material has gained a reputation as one of the most resilient and versatile raw materials for the electronics industry. Since the introduction of liquid silicone rubber molding a few decades back, more industries are adopting it. Here are some of the benefits that manufacturers will experience after utilizing silicone rubber to produce computer and peripheral components.

1. High durability

Silicone rubber material has displayed extreme durability in all kinds of climatic conditions, and that is why manufacturers prefer it over other elastomers. Silicone rubber offers high elasticity combined with excellent tear strength, and thus it can tolerate wear and tear. That is why silicone rubber displays outstanding performance even under harsh weather. Even if it comes in contact with water, snow, and UV light, it would not be impacted, making it a versatile option for people all across the globe.

2. Temperature resistant

As already mentioned, silicone rubber material has become a blessing to engineers because they have finally found a material that will be apt for PCs and laptops used in extreme temperatures. For instance, peripheral parts made of silicone will not get damaged even if used in hot deserts or freezing winters. Moreover, silicone rubber is considered to be relatively more eco-friendly than other elastomers. After discarding the silicone rubber, when it is recycled by combusting in furnaces, it does not emit toxic greenhouse gases, and thus it will not increase your carbon footprint. Also, silicone rubber is a water-repellant, and thus it acts as an excellent sealant if you accidentally spill water on it.

3. Shell decoration

Manufacturers can color the entire silicone mold or parts of it by using pigments, which are leakage-proof. Coloring the silicone rubber material is super easy, and if it is done before the curing process, it results in long-lasting, vivid shells. In addition, you can also choose BTL silicone spray paint which is available in a variety of colors and finishes, including metallic, flat and semi-gloss. It has a unique formulation of silicone oil, which provides superior lubrication, protection, and adhesion to surfaces.

If you are looking for a high-quality silicone rubber mold to manufacture computers and peripherals, don't forget to contact Betely. As the benchmark of the chemical material company, Betely will keep innovating to provide you with the best solution of new chemical materials.